Top 10 Hemp Products in 2019

Hemp products

Hemp is quite versatile. What is hemp good for is no longer a question because there are so many products showing evidence of the benefits of industrial hemp. The products are in the market and have different brand names. They are manufactured with hemp oil, hemp CBD oil, hemp protein and hemp fiber as a primary ingredient or a sub constituent.

They range from edibles to a range of beauty, skin and health care products and technical products. Technical products include products that are not body-based. They include papers, clothing material, bio-plastics, building and construction materials. Here is a list of best hemp products in 2019 to look out for and their benefits.

  1. CBD Oil

CBD oil is ideal for those who don’t want to get high because it is non- psychoactive. It is one of the top hemp products in the market today. Cannabidiol is abundant in hemp. It is second to THC in quantity levels. CBD oil has Cannabidiol and other active compounds like terpenes and cannabinoids. It is extracted from the flower clusters of the hemp product.

The good thing is that it has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and soothing effects. It manages pain and anxiety well. You can use CBD oil in a variety of products from balms, cosmetics, tinctures, drops to CBD edibles. CBD is also healthy for pets. There are many brands of CBD oils in the market and you may want to look at hemp product review to assist you in making a choice.

2. Hemp Oil

This is hemp seed oil extracted from hemp seeds. Unlike CBD oil, it does not contain cannabinoids or CBD or any other active compound. It is mostly used as a dietary supplement and as a cooking oil. It is very nutritious, with proteins and antioxidants.

Hemp oil is a source of omega 3 and 6 fats as well as essential amino acids. It contains numerous minerals and vitamins. What’s more, you can apply this oil to your skin and hair and reap the benefits of the oil on your body.

3. Hemp Protein

Hemp protein is produced by grinding hemp seeds into powder. The powder can be added to smoothies or other wheat products to increase their protein content. It is a high quality protein suitable for vegans.

It contains all the nine essential amino acids. It is highly recommended for body builders and athletes or anyone hoping to grow their muscles or gain weight. The seeds have a mild nutty taste.

4. Hemp Shampoo

Shampoos contain hemp oil strengthens your hair and enhances its growth. Also, consuming hemp oil stimulates hair growth. understandably because hair is a protein and requires proteins to grow and hemp oil is a rich source of proteins.

5. Hemp Hair Conditioner

Hemp oil adds moisture to hair conditioners, averting hair breaking and enhancing hair elasticity.

6. Hemp Body Bars

Hemp bars are excellent for bathing. They nourish the skin. They have hemp oil and CBD oil which provide cleansing benefits without stripping the skin of its moisture.

7. Hemp Fiber

Several products can be made from hemp fiber including fabrics, ropes, sail canvas, shoes, many home wares and dog collars. Sometimes the fiber is mixed with other materials like lyocell to make consumer products.

8. Hempcrete

Buildings blocks that have come to be referred to as hempcretes are made from hemp fiber. The blocks are made by mixing hemp fiber with lime. The blocks are excellent insulation materials. Furthermore, they are breathable and durable.

9. Hemp Paper

Pulp from hemp fibers can be turned into paper. The resultant paper is perfect for making various products including cigarettes, bank notes among others. However, worth noting is that the paper production process has a higher cost element than traditional produced papers.

10. Hemp Bio Plastics and Hemp Composites

Environmentalists are well catered for. Hemp bioplastics and composite materials are made by mixing hemp fiber with other materials. The good thing is that hemp fiber is biodegrable and therefore planet friendly. Hemp plastics and composites can be used in car manufacture and other products requiring plastic as a main or sub constituent material.

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