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Chapter 5

In the 1950s to 1980s the Soviet Union specifically Russia and Ukraine used to be the biggest exporter of hemp but when the Soviet Union collapsed, commercial cultivation declined. At the moment China is the biggest exporter of hemp, and it is making huge strides in developing it and diversifying its uses. Currently, it has research projects in the pharmaceuticals, construction, textiles and food industries. One of its biggest farms is in a city called Heilongjiang. In 2017, they were cultivating 74,000 acres and had plans to keep increasing it. That was more than the total amount of land utilized for hemp farming in some countries.

Hemp has been legal in Australia for more than 20 years, and in Canada, it was legalized in 1998. Canada is increasingly raising its production of hemp products, and as of 2011, it had more than 30,000 acres in use for hemp production. In Europe, hemp is also used as animal bedding for example for horses. France is another leading exporter of hemp. They were the first to venture into the use of hemp for construction and even have ongoing projects constructing hemp structures. Other countries involved in hemp cultivation include the UK, Germany, Chile and North Korea.

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There are many law courts around the world with petitions to legalize hemp. Hopefully, innovation and global awareness will lead to more people to pursue hemp farming.

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