How You Can Educate the World on Hemp

Hemp is Legal: Let the World Know

Hemp misconceptions have locked many out of benefiting from this super plant. The misconceptions is what led to the plant being wrongfully classified together with marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act in the USA for many decades. It is even worse for influencers to be misguided on hemp or any other thing. The primary way to eradicate hemp misconceptions is through dispatching facts about cannabis strain. Facts will separate hemp from fiction. Eventually, your friends will about industrial hemp and its benefits to their medical and health conditions. In addition, they will know the difference between hemp and marijuana.

Various Benefits of Hemp

Educate your cycle of friends, family, and workmates about industrial hemp and its benefits. Let them know that hemp is a superfood and also a technical plant. You can enlighten your friends about the medical and health benefits of the hemp plant and all the products that can be made from it. From hemp, you can get bio-plastics, jewelry, a clothing or shoes material and hempcrete.

Shed Light on Industrial Hemp Myths

Here are some myths on hemp that need to be clarified to those who still don’t know the difference between marijuana and hemp or know little about hemp.

Will Taking Hemp Induced Products Make One High?

No. Industrial hemp has negligible amounts of THC, the active component that is psychoactive and gets one high. Hemp has traces of THC which are usually less than 1%; legally they should be less than 0.3%. The active ingredients in hemp are called Cannabinoids. Hemp has high levels of cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid. cannabidiol does not get someone high because it is not psychoactive. Instead, it has medical benefits.

This is quite in contrast to the marijuana plant. Marijuana plants can have between 3% up to 30% THC levels.

There is No Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana

Some people are still reluctant to use hemp products and hemp-induced products because they believe that hemp is the same as marijuana. However, this is not true. Although the two plants belong to the same family of plants of cannabis, they are different strains of cannabis, which means that they are genetically different.

The main difference between the two plants when tested in a laboratory is in their content of cannabinoid. The level of THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) in marijuana is between 5% to 20% with some plants exhibiting up to 30%. This is in contrast to industrial hemp that has 1% or less. On the other hand, industrial hemp has high levels of cannabidiol (CBD).

You Can Fail a Drug Test as a Result of Consuming Hemp Products

This is not true. Taking hemp or any hemp-induced product will not set you up to fail a drug test. This is because, hemp has only traces of THC.

Hemp is the Male Marijuana Plant

This is also a hemp misconception. Hemp plants are monoecious, meaning that they can be male, female or both. Usually, the male plants don’t survive after completing pollination. It is the female plants that grow to maturity.

This is in contrast to marijuana which is cultivated for its flowers, leaves, and resin. Pollination does not work for marijuana farmers because it makes the plant produce seeds instead of focusing on producing flowers, resin, and leaves.

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