How to Celebrate International Hemp Day

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Hemp Day comes a day before the international earth day.  The industrial hemp plant is an earth-friendly plant. The two events’ celebrations almost coinciding on the same date is a great way to honor the benefits of hemp in relation to its potential and realized benefits to planet earth and to mankind.

Celebrate the Removal of Industrial Hemp from the Controlled Substances Act in the USA on the 20th December 2018

The industrial hemp industry has come a long way with many triumphs and challenges over the years. Its culmination was on 20th December 2018, which saw the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill by the USA President Donald Trump. As the world marks hemp day on April 20, 2019, this year, it is indeed a time of great celebration. It is a time to celebrate that hemp is now separated from marijuana legally, which has high THC contents. Hemp is now classified as an ordinary agricultural plant.

Commemorate the History of Hemp

Indeed, industrial Hemp played a great role in the history and past civilization of mankind. The British Empire Navy used hemp in its military in the early years. In the year 1776, the USA independence day was drafted on industrial hemp paper. Furthermore, 14 years later, the USA constitution was also printed on hemp paper and the first USA flag was also made out of industrial hemp fiber.

It is also recorded that the founding fathers grew hemp and also encouraged other farmers to grow it. George Washington, a founding father, declared, “Make the most of the hemp seed. Sow it everywhere.”

Thomas Jefferson, also one of USA’s founding fathers said: “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth and prosperity of the nation.”

In 1801, hemp seeds were distributed for free to farmers courtesy of the King of England. While in the 19th Century, Canada’s first crop to be subsidized was hemp.

Actually, hemp was such an important industrial material that some past governments forced farmers to grow it or get fined.

Celebrate the Benefits of Industrial Hemp

As the world awaits for hemp revolution in great anticipation in this digital age, hemp celebrations can be observed by attending hemp events on April 20. You can join other hemp supporters by encouraging dealers and farmers of hemp through the sampling of hemp-derived products.

Hemp is a super plant with unique features in that the plant is a superfood and at the same a technical material. It can be processed into various products including paper, clothing, ropes, bio-plastics, constructions materials, jewelry, animal feed, paint constituent, insulation, bio-fuel among others. The plant has medicinal value and high protein content.

Hemp is a Good Agricultural Plant

Hemp is grown for industrial use. Hemp is a very fast growing plant that takes about three months to reach full maturity. It is also a plant that requires few pesticides. Furthermore, hemp is an important rotation crop for farming because of its ability to clean the soil and water.

Hemp Can Save Forests

Whereas trees take decades to mature, hemp takes about three months to mature. By using hemp as an alternative material to paper making, you save forests.You could use this as a strong point to educate the public on the benefits of this super-plant to our planet.

Hemp Can Replace Plastics

Hemp is biodegradable. It is also strong and a good replacement material to traditional plastics which are non-biodegradable.

Hemp is Non-psychoactive and Nutritious

Hemp is a non-psychoactive plant of the Cannabis sativa species. Hemp is a rich source of protein having all the nine essential amino acids. The seeds also contain unsaturated fats, including omega 3 and omega 6. Hemp seeds are also a good nutritious source of minerals, vitamins, and fiber. 4-20 is an ideal day to use a hemp-derived detox to appreciate the health benefits of hemp and its extracts.

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