Hemp Wallet

What is a Hemp Wallet?

Hemp wallet

a) Definition of a Hemp Wallet

Hemp wallets are made from hemp fabric. The wallets are among the best non-leather wallets. There are all styles of hemp wallets to meet various styles and need in the market. Hemp wallets are designed by different manufacturers. Some of them mainstream are wallet manufacturers. They are modern and trendy. The different types of hemp wallets include phone case wallet, hemp checkbook wallet, money clip, hemp bifold wallet, and super slim wallet to name but a few.

Wallets are commonly used by men. Most women use handbags and purses to serve the function of keeping their money and other personal effects.

Why Hemp is a Sustainable Resource

1. Hemp Farming

Hemp has not been a popular material because of its prohibition since the 1930s because of its association with marijuana. The restrictions led to the killing of hemp industry and there has been little progress in making hemp derivatives. This is expected to change soon since the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill. Now more farmers can deal with hemp farming. If more farmers adopt hemp growing, there will be enough fiber to supply the needs of the market. This is because hemp takes a short time to grow, and it is a perfect rotational crop. Hemp matures within four months after planting.

Unlike cotton, hemp farming requires little water and few agro-chemicals. Also, hemp farming is positive to the environment because during photosynthesis it absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide from the environment while releasing a lot of oxygen. However, hemp farming is still considered a laborious process, this is negative indeed, but it creates jobs in the farming industry.

2. Hemp Processing

The conversion of hemp stalks to fiber is also eco-friendly. Retting is a labor-intensive process that has its merits and demerits. Labor intensive processes are expensivebut they create jobs in the economy.

Hemp processing is eco-friendly and does not result in a lot of chemical release into the environment.

3. Disposal of Hemp Products

All hemp products made with 100% hemp fabrics or a combination of hemp and other plant-based materials are 100% biodegradable. The fiber takes between 3 months to 6 months to fully decompose.

Hemp vs Leather

The most common material for making wallets is leather. Compared to leather, hemp has a low carbon footprint. Leather is a sustainable resource. It is easy to get leather supplies from farmers in many nations across the world. However, the leather tanning process is toxic and not eco-friendly. If you are looking for the best men’s hemp wallet, then, you will appreciate the features of hemp wallets.

Leather Tanning Process

The leather tanning industry is not sustainable. It is a danger to the environment, to marine wildlife and also to those who handle the chemicals because it produces liquid and solid wastes which are hazardous. One of the chemicals is called chromium.

There are different ways that leather can be tanned but the most common one uses chromium which is a carcinogen, lung irritant, and a cancer-causing agent. Some dyes and chemicals used in dyeing leather are addictive and dangerous to workers. Workers in factories that tan leather are at risk of developing bronchitis, asthma, upper respiratory tract infections, polyps, and other lung conditions.

Hemp vs Other Leather Making Fabrics

Other materials apart from leather that are commonly used in making wallets include synthetic and plant-based materials like cotton. Synthetic fabrics are not eco-friendly because they are manufactured from fossil fuels and this makes them non-sustainable. Not only that, when they are being manufactured, they release a lot of toxins into the fragile environment which endangers and kills marine wildlife while increasing global warming among other harms to humans, plants and animals. Cotton, on the other hand, is a plant-based fabric but it requires a lot of water and pesticides during cultivation.

b) The History of Wallets

Wallets were not needed until paper money was invented. Before paper money, coins were carried in bags or purses. Wallets were invented following the invention of paper money in the late 1600s.  The pioneers of paper money were from Massachusetts in 1690.

c) The Future of Hemp Wallets

There is a lot of sensitization about the effects of global warming. As a result, more and more people are becoming sensitive to non-biodegradable materials. In the future, hemp wallets will be a consumer-driven product. Most governments will also promote the use of sustainable materials and will put measures in place to encourage the growing and industrialization of such materials. Hemp is the product of the future in fabrics, food, and manufacture of plastic materials.

d) Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start manufacturing hemp wallets?

To begin a hemp wallet startup requires you to follow a few procedures that precede all business start-ups. First and foremost, you have to acquire all the necessary licenses as required by your government. Next, you need to get a factory (equipment and premises). After securing a factory, then you need to source for hemp fiber from farmers. You will also need to employ experts at weaving fabrics and wallet making to help you make the wallets.

Alternatively, you can buy already made fabrics from various dealers online. Then you will need to create a brand name for the wallets, market and sell them online or locally.  Using other wholesale and retailing strategies and supply channels will also be a boost to your business.

 Between hemp wallets and leather wallets which ones are more sustainable?

Hemp wallets are more sustainable than leather wallets. This is because of the leather tanning process which uses a lot of chemicals which are harmful to workers in the leather tanning factories and also to the environment.

Where can I buy the best hemp wallet?

There are various manufacturers of hemp wallets. First, check a hemp clothing store near you. The other option is to buy from various dealers online.

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