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What is a hemp towel?

Hemp Towel

a) Definition of a Hemp Towel

A hemp towel is made from the fabric of the industrial hemp plant. The fabric of the plant comes from the fiber. Fiber is extracted from the stalks of the industrial hemp plant using a process called retting. There are a variety to choose from ranging from bath towels, face towels, and hand towels. Other varieties include beach towels, gym bag towels, dish towels, kitchen towels, and tea towels.

There are also various brands in the market manufactured by different companies. Some of the towels are made with up to 88% hemp fabric while others have a 50/50 blend with organic cotton.

Advantages of Hemp Towels

1. Excellent Features

Hemp towels are made from organic hemp fiber, which is a plant-based material. The towels are more breathable. They are also durable and highly absorbent. In addition, they are soft and continue getting softer as are used and washed. What’s more, they are resistant to mold and mildew and they have anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.

2. Environment-Friendly Farming and Biodegradable

Organic hemp towels are pesticide free, formaldehyde-free and dioxin-free. To avoid bleaching and dyeing processes, they come in a few natural colors. Which make hemp towels environment-friendly.

Hemp is fully biodegradable. When hemp products are disposed of, they take a period of between 3 to 6 months to fully decompose.

3. Hemp vs Cotton Towels

Traditional towels are made from cotton material. Cotton uses 25% of all pesticides used in the USA, therefore, its production is not environment-friendly. The pesticides are toxic and are classified as being so by the USA Environmental Protection Agency. Therefore, it is difficult to grow cotton as a rotational crop with a food crop because of the amount of pesticides it uses. This is in contrast to hemp that can be rotated with food crops. Indeed, hemp growing makes the soil more fertile by acting as a phytoremediator. The plant also reduces the effects of global warming during photosynthesis by converting carbon dioxide into water and hydro carbons and releasing oxygen into the environment.

In addition, hemp uses 50% less water than cotton during farming.

Besides that, hemp produces more yield per acre of fiber than cotton and flax. It also takes a short time (not more than four months) to reach full maturity.

What’s more, hemp fiber is longer than cotton and has up to eight times the strength of cotton. They are also more insulative and more absorbent than cotton. Other properties include mold and mildew resistance, which is unlike cotton.

Where to buy Hemp Towels

There are various manufacturers of hemp towels. Therefore, check and review various brands online.

The cost of hemp towels may be a bit higher because of previous restrictions on growing the industrial hemp in the USA. The cost is expected to get more pocket-friendly in the future as more farmers in the USA and other parts of the world adopt growing of the crop. Makers of hemp towels have to import the fabric from other countries making it an expensive product.

Hemp Towel Maintenance

To take care of your hemp towel, it is recommended that you follow the instructions on the care label. Nonetheless, the towels can be machine washed using cold or warm water. They should be washed separately from other clothes. Try to use mild and biodegradable detergent and never use oxygen whiteners or bleaches. Dry them by hanging them and steam iron the towel using linen settings.

b) The History of Hemp

Hemp Fabric has been a popular material for thousands of years in many cultures across the world. This was until it was classified as a restricted crop in the 1930s which affected the growth of the industry. However, the restrictions were lifted when the 2018 Farm Bill was passed in the USA.

c) The Future of Hemp Towels

It is expected that more farmers will adopt hemp growing which will lead to enough supplies of hemp fiber and hemp seeds to meet the market demands. It will also lead to a drop in the cost of hemp towels because the fabric will be locally made.

In addition, more consumers will know about the benefits of hemp and seek to use hemp towels in their day to day uses.

d) Frequently Asked Questions

Why are hemp towels not popular?

The industrial hemp plant was a very popular plant in the past before the 1930s. In fact, two of the founding fathers of the USA advocated for farmers to grow the crop. The fabric was very common and actually, the first USA flag was made from hemp fiber. However, because hemp closely resembles marijuana which is a psychoactive plant, the war on drugs made hemp to be classified under the same class of plants as marijuana which is a controlled substance. This was done in the 1930s and prevented the industry from thriving. The good news is that, it is now all historical following the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill and hemp fabrics don’t have to be imported from countries with fewer restrictions anymore.

Why are hemp towels better than cotton?

Both hemp and cotton fabrics are plant-based. Therefore, they are better than polyester and nylon which are petroleum-based fabrics. However, hemp towels are more eco-friendly than cotton because of the differences in cultivation of the two crops. Cotton uses more water, a lot of pesticides and yet it produces less fiber per acre than hemp. As for the features of hemp and cotton, hemp is more durable and has better insulation than cotton.

Where can I buy hemp towels?

You can check your local hemp dispensary or buy the towels online. There are various dealers online with different types of hemp towels to suit your needs.


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