Hemp Toilet Paper

What is Hemp Toilet Paper?

Hemp toilet paper

a) The Definition of Hemp Toilet Paper

One of the ways to utilize hemp fiber is to make hemp toilet paper. Using hemp paper has economical and ecological benefits. Hemp toilet paper is  a product of hemp cellulose fiber. Cellulose fiber is extracted from the stalks of the industrial hemp plant. There are various brands of hemp tissue paper made by different companies to choose from.

How is Hemp Toilet Paper Processed?

Here is a simple procedure on how to make hemp toilet paper. Hemp toilet paper is made from hemp fiber which comes from the stalks of hemp. Cellulose fiber is made into a pulp. Then, the pulp is formed into thin sheets. After, that the designing of the toilet paper involves cutting it into specific lengths, perforating it and rolling it into tissue paper.

Ecological Benefits of Making Paper From Hemp

  1. The Industrial Hemp Plant Grows Fast in Comparison to Trees

Regular tissue paper is from wood chips which come from trees. The tissue paper is made from virgin paper which usually combines about 30% softwood chips and 70% hardwood chips. Unfortunately, it takes several decades for hardwood trees to mature. Although trees are a renewable resource, hemp is a much more renewable resource because it takes only four months to reach full maturity. Softwood takes several years to mature while it takes about five decades and more for a hardwood tree to reach full maturity.

2. Industrial hemp is a renewable resource, forests are not

Worth noting is that while trees are a renewable resource, forests are made up of complex ecosystems. Therefore, clearing entire forests leads to loss of habitat making forests a non-renewable resource.  This is because replanting trees is possible though hard but it is impossible to replace a forest ecosystem.

3. Regular Tissue Paper Manufacturing is Not Environment-Friendly

Trees are composed of only 30% cellulose while hemp is composed of about 85% cellulose. Using trees to make paper consumes a lot of chemicals which are used to remove the part of the trees that are not cellulose(70%). Because hemp has high levels of cellulose fiber, less chemicals are needed in the process of tissue paper making.

Therefore, the process of converting trees to paper is not environment-friendly. It consumes a lot of energy and water and also uses chemicals. This results in water and air pollution. The paper and pulp industry is the highest consumer of water when industries are compared.

4. The Industrial Hemp plant reduces the Effects of Global Warming

Toilet paper made from hemp is environment-friendly because industrial hemp is eco-Friendly offering an easy solution to climate change issues. Global warming is caused by a rise in greenhouse gases like an increase in carbon dioxide emissions. Hemp crops have a positive impact on global warming. Carbon dioxide usually prevents heat from being released into space. Hemp counteracts the effects of carbon dioxide by using up the carbon dioxide in the air. During photosynthesis, hemp uses up carbon dioxide to form carbohydrates while releasing oxygen into the environment. The overall effect is reduction in global warming. Although trees play the same role, they take longer to grow.

Economical Benefits of Producing Hemp Paper

Hemp cellulose fiber produces more tissue paper than ordinary trees because hemp has a higher cellulose content. Actually, hemp can produce up to four times more fiber from one acreage of plantation in comparison to fiber produced from trees. Also, hemp plant has less lignin, therefore, there are few wastes during the production process.

In addition, hemp fiber is stronger than wood-based papers producing a stronger paper that is resistant to folds, wear, and tears.

In the future, hemp products will most likely be cheaper than other products because there will be an abundant supply of hemp fibers following the legalization of hemp. Hemp restrictions resulted in a scarcity of hemp fiber.

b) The History of Hemp Paper

Hemp has an interesting history. At first, hemp was thriving, playing an important role in the economy before it was cut short. In Europe, the first book to be printed in 1455 was on hemp paper and by 1880s hemp was the primary material for making paper. Unfortunately, in the 1930s, the growth of hemp industry was curtailed when the plant was classified as a controlled substance together with marijuana. In fact, many people still don’t know the difference between hemp and marijuana(weed). Hemp is a super plant that is a food and fiber source. Hemp has the capacity to make up to 25,000 different types of products. Noteworthy, hemp has low levels of THC, therefore, it has no psychoactive effects. One of the ways to utilize the hemp fiber is through making of paper and paper-related products like tissue paper and paper towels.

c) The Future of Hemp Paper

Following the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill in the USA, there will be an increase in the use of hemp products. The boom will not be felt immediately because it takes time to implement any new program. It will take some time for farmers to get used to growing hemp and establish hemp factories. Therefore, it will take a decade or more for hemp to take over as the super plant and work as an alternative to non-renewable resources.

d) Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t toilet paper be made from recycled materials instead of hemp so that hemp can be used in making other products?

Currently, regular tissue paper is made from either recycled paper or from trees. Recycled means that at one time the resource was manufactured from the tree. And it means that a tree had to be cut down. Therefore, even if recycles are done in the future, using hemp as the primary material for making paper and paper-based products will have a positive impact on the environment because it will take the place of trees. Trees take up to 25 years, some take up to 50 years to mature. This is in contrast to hemp that takes about 100 days to reach full maturity.

Which is the best hemp toilet paper brand?

It depends on your personal tastes and preferences. You can look at various hemp toilet paper reviews which will guide you on various features of hemp toilet paper brands.

Where can I buy hemp toilet paper?

Where to buy hemp toilet paper depends on whether there is a hemp dispensary in your location or not. As such, first, check your local store before opting to buy from online dealers.


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