Hemp Table Lamp

What is a Hemp Table Lamp?

Hemp table lamp

a) Definition of a Hemp Table Lamp

A hemp table lamp is a table lamp or desk lamp made from hemp materials. Some designs incorporate 100% hemp materials while other designs are made with a combination of hemp and other materials. There are various types and designs of hemp table lamps made by different manufacturers.

Functions of a Table Lamp

A table lamp serves many functions in a home or home office. It can be used as a decorative item or serve lighting functions. It can be put on a desk, or table. Some individuals also use it as a reading light or for doing artistic work. There are many designs of table lamps to choose from to suit most types of interior decoration styles and ideal for different tastes and preferences.  Additionally, the light it emits can be soothing making a room cozier.

Tips on How to Choose a Table Lamp

There is nothing as bad as buying a piece of furniture that doesn’t fit in the overall design of your house. To avoid making such a mistake, before buying a table lamp, consider the following factors:-

  1. Uses of the hemp table lamp
  2. House interior decoration
  3. The material of the lamp and shade
  4. The table lamp height
  5. The table lamp design
  6. The bulb type
  7. The table lamp size

When buying a table lamp, you should know its purpose upfront and which room you are buying the lamp for. To be more specific, in which room will you place it and the height of the table or stand and design too. Is it a desk lamp, living room lamp, or is it a bedside table lamp? More so, if it is for the living room, determine the exact place where you will place it. This is because a living room table lamp should be more luminous. Additionally, light for doing artistic work or reading light is also supposed to be luminous.

Complements the Interior Decoration of the House

When choosing a lamp, consider the color scheme of your room, the table where you will place it, the theme and decorating style. Also, remember that lighting alters a room’s design. You can actually make a room cozier by adding a table lamp to it.

The Material of the Lamp Shade

Most chandeliers are hung on the ceiling of the room. Therefore, they can afford to be delicate because they are not within reach. However, for table lamps, if you have young children, then you need a material that cannot easily break.

Other factors to consider in a table lamp is the type of material the lamp is made of. Is it safe for use especially for persons with sensitivities? How easy is it to clean the lamp? In addition, is the material eco-friendly? And how durable is the table lamp? All these factors will help you get a good table lamp.

Hemp Table Lamp Height

What height should the table lamp be? The height will be determined by the size of the table where it will be placed. You need the light to illuminate the room which should be at your eye level. Therefore, first, determine the height of the table or stand before buying the table lamp.

Table Lamp Design

You should consider your house interior decoration style; whether it is glass or wooden or combination of styles. You should also consider the other lights in the room and how the hemp table lamp will complement the other lighting fixtures. Furthermore, when choosing a table lamp, you can choose a unique style which can turn a table lamp into a focal point in a room. This is especially if you want to add charm to a room.

In this regard, consider both the style of the lamp and of the shade. Remember to consider the colors too. You can choose one color themes or multicolored table lamps. And if you usually get bored with one type of decoration over an extended period of time, then consider a table lamp that you can easily change the lamp shades.

Table Lamp Size

In addition, remember to check the size of both the lamp and the shade. When it comes to the size of the lampshade, what size do you want? Do you want an oversized lampshade, medium or small lampshade?

Type of Bulb

The uses of the table lamp and whether the room has another lighting will determine what bulb type to settle for. If the hemp table lamp is for reading or artist work, then you need a bulb that is easy on the eyes and a light that is neutral. This will maintain the color of your reading materials or artist works.

Advantages of a Hemp Table Lamp

i) Varied Designs

There are many designs of hemp table lamps made by different manufacturers to suit all types of lighting needs and interior decoration styles.

ii) Anti-Allergen

Allergens are usually triggered by dust mites. Dust mites hide in various spots in the house. Hemp material is anti-mold, anti-mildew, antibacterial and antimicrobial which keeps dust mites at bay. This makes hemp lamps good for people with various sensitivities and allergens.

iii) Eco-Friendly

Hemp is a renewable material. It takes a short time for the plant to mature, about 100 days. In addition, farming the crop requires few if any agro-chemicals and little water. As if that is not enough, it is a biodegradable material and decomposes within six months after disposal. Above that, during farming, hemp reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment during photosynthesis. It releases oxygen which contributes to a reduction in global warming.

iv) Durability

Hemp is a strong fiber making it a durable fiber and products made from hemp durable.

b) The History of Hemp

Before the 1920s, hemp was a dominant crop in the world as a source of fiber for making textiles, paper, and cordage. In some states, it was mandatory to grow the plant. Historically, hemp was a sustainable and renewable material that even during steel rationing in world war II, Henry Ford made a hemp stereotype automobile.

Hemp is a good alternative to plastics. The material can be put into more than 25,000 different types of products.

Unfortunately, hemp industry suffered a major blow in the 1930s when it was legally classified as a controlled substance. The good news is that all that is past since the legalization of hemp after the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill.

 c) The Future of Hemp Table Lamps

Hemp has many advantages over conventional materials for making table lamps; its major advantage is that, it is eco-friendly. Some of the regular table lamps are made from non-biodegradable materials, which is not safe for our planet. Hemp does not compromise on table lamp styles and designs, yet it is a sustainable material.

Therefore, soon, there will be many hemp table lamps in the market.

d) Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best hemp table lamps?

It depends on your needs. Hemp table lamps are designed to fit into different rooms and to serve different purposes. If you can, first determine the purpose of the table lamp and in which room you want to put it, then it will be easier to make a choice.

How affordable are hemp table lamps?

The table lamps are made by different manufacturers and as such, they don’t have a standard price. That said, hemp was previously a restricted plant. This made the commercial growing of hemp impossible. Therefore, materials had to come from China and other countries which had fewer restrictions. Importing materials is expensive. The good thing is that hemp is now legal in the USA and it is a matter of time before the supply of hemp materials will be abundant. Consequently, there will be a drop in the prices of all hemp products.

Where can I buy hemp table lamps

There are various online dealers selling different designs of hemp accessories. Please check for the different manufacturers online.


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