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What are Hemp Shoes?

Handcrafted hemp shoes

a) The Definition of Hemp Shoes

Hemp Shoes are footwear made from hemp fiber as the core material. The footwear is trendy and fashionable to meet the needs of various targets including men and women designs. There are also footwear designed for specific functions like sporting activities that require special shoes.  The designs vary widely because each manufacturer is unique and has their own style.

Reasons to Buy Hemp Shoes

  1. There are many Categories

There are many categories of hemp shoes in the market to suit various styles, tastes and budgets. The shoes are made by different manufacturers. When shopping you will come across, hemp tennis shoes, kids’ shoes, children sandals, unisex kids’ shoes, men’s shoes, women’s shoes, among others.

2. They are Durable

The industrial hemp plant has a strong fiber which makes durable products. For that reason, expect hemp shoes to last for several months if not years.

3. They are Eco-Friendly

Hemp shoes have many advantages over other shoes including shoes made from natural materials like canvas, wood, and leather.

The use of other non-natural made from petrochemical-derived materials like rubber and plastics in shoes manufacturing is an environmental and health hazard. The materials are non-biodegradable and require up to 1000 years to fully decompose. The good thing is that since the late 2000s, major shoe manufacturers have tried to be eco-friendly by manufacturing eco-friendly shoes. There are various major manufacturers using hemp to make shoes including Adidas, Vans, and Nike.

4. Hemp Farming is Sustainable

Hemp is 100% natural and its farming and processing into fiber is sustainable. The farming is sustainable because of the short maturity period of the plant, which is roughly three months. Although some farmers have complained of the laborious harvesting of the crop, the positive effect of the process is that it contributes to creating jobs globally. What’s more, hemp can be grown in many regions in the world because it can withstand a variety of climates and soil types.

Also, the plant does not release toxic gases into the environment. On the contrary, during its farming, it absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide in comparison to trees. It also releases oxygen to the environment contributing to alleviation of global warming.

The industrial hemp plant is also useful in chemical cleanup and soil aeration. The plant has deep roots which help in preventing soil erosion and aeration. Therefore, hemp can be used for recovering soil in areas where it is polluted by chemicals.

b) The History of Shoes

It is difficult to find evidence of everything historical including shoes because it probably decomposed. However, there is evidence of a shoe that may have been worn in the year,  7000 or 8000 BC, found in a cave.

Archaeological records reveal that ancient people wore simple shoe designs to protect them from the elements, debris, and rocks. Most ancient cultures made their shoes from hides of different types of animals including deer, bison, bears, and cows.

The sewing machine was invented in the year 1846 and make shoe making less of a hassle and more commercialized. Then a shoe stitching machine was invented between 1856 and 1864.

As far as hemp shoe manufacturing is concerned, in ancient cultures, hemp was primarily used for making ropes and textiles because leather was the main material for making shoes.

However, the demonization of industrial hemp in the 1930s was responsible for the slow progress of hemp application.

b) The Future of Hemp Shoes

Hemp is the material of the future because it can be used for making different types of derivatives and its sustainability. Following the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, there is a growing interest in hemp products by consumers and manufacturers. We expect more farmers also to plant the crop because of its potential benefits.

It is likely that soon shoe manufactures will make hemp shoes for various category needs. Already we have hemp tennis shoes, in the future, we expect more athletic footwear. There is also a likelihood that manufacturers will try to cash in on the dance shoe niche by making hemp ballet, Ghillies, Tap, and Jazz shoes. Other categories that might feature in the future include orthopedic and boots.

d) Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find hemp shoes for sale?

There are various manufacturers of hemp shoes globally including mainstream manufacturers. Look for hemp shoes from your local shoe retailer and if you fail to find a pair, then order them online.

Where can I find good deals on hemp shoes?

Usually, manufacturers have various buying options for most of their items. Approach a manufacturer and let them know if you are buying hemp shoes in wholesale.

What categories of hemp shoes can I find?

There are many categories manufactured by different companies. You can check online for more information on the particular kind of shoe that you need. You can also write to the customer service department of most shoe manufacturers and find out if they have the type of shoes you want.

Are hemp shoes better than other shoes?

Actually yes. First and foremost, hemp shoes are made from a natural fiber that is fully biodegradable, making them eco-friendly. This is contrary to other shoes, especially synthetic shoes that are non-biodegradable and take hundreds of years for the material to decompose. Hemp farming is also very sustainable. It is easier to get supplies of the material because it takes only three months for the crop to mature.

How are hemp shoes maintained?

Hemp shoes are maintained like regular shoes. However, when buying the shoes, check the manufacturers care instructions because you will know the specific way to maintain pair of shoes.


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