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What is a Hemp Shirt?

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a) Definition of a Hemp Shirt

Hemp apparel and specifically hemp shirts are manufactured from hemp fabric. There are different manufacturers of hemp shirts. Therefore, expect slightly different features. Some of the manufacturers blend fabrics mixing with organic cotton or other natural materials. Hemp shirts are your go-to if you are looking for durable and eco-friendly apparel. You can buy either the shirts or t-shirts from a hemp clothing store near you.

Why Hemp Shirts are More Eco-friendly Than Cotton Shirts

At least half of the textiles in the world are manufactured from cotton, yet cotton has a negative impact on the environment. Cotton farming and cotton extraction processes are not earth friendly. Cotton uses a lot of water, pesticides, and fertilizers in its farming annually. The farming causes a negative effect on the environment and on soils. Consequently, it causes adverse climate change leading to species extinction.

Hemp farming and manufacturing are different. The farming and fabric processing are planet friendly. First, the crop grows and matures within a period of 3 to 4 months. Therefore, there should never be any concern about the supply of hemp fiber in the future as more farmers adopt hemp cultivation. Also, during the farming of hemp, the crop requires little irrigation and also few agro-chemicals. Actually, hemp uses half the amount of water required to sustain a crop of cotton. In addition, hemp plants produce a lot of fiber per acre in comparison to cotton and trees.

What’s more, hemp fabrics have good features and are ideal for making many apparels including shirts, t-shirts, jeans among other products.

Hemp Shirts are a Product of the Industrial Hemp Plant and not Marijuana

Some people still confuse hemp for marijuana. Hemp shirts are not made from marijuana but from hemp. The plant is drug-free and it is useful for its fiber, medicine, and food but not for achieving a psychoactive effect. Hemp is a cousin of the marijuana plant. Marijuana has high levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) whose consumption causes users to get high. Because hemp is a cousin of marijuana, it only has trace amounts of THC, which legally should be below 0.3%.

Benefits of Hemp Shirts

 1. They are Durable

The fibers are very strong, therefore, makes durable shirts  Hemp is also mold and mildew resistant, which further extends the durability of the fabric.

2. They are Porous

Because they are porous, they allow the skin to breathe. Therefore, they are suitable for hot season.

3. Good Insulation Properties

Hemp also has good insulation properties, making it a good fabric for the cold weather.

4. The Fabric Softens with Time

The industrial hemp fabric softens with time after several washing. It is comfortable as a shirt material.

5. They are Stylish

There are various brands in the market of hemp shirts produced by different manufacturers. Some manufacturers have really interesting designs of the shirts and tees.

How to Care for Hemp Shirts

The design of hemp shirts is different depending on the manufacturer, some combine the hemp fabric with other fabrics. Consequently, it is highly advisable to read the washing instructions label before purchasing a hemp shirt to know how to care for it. However, hemp apparel responds well to hot water, cold water washing, and air drying. Stains on shirts can be removed by spot cleaning the area with water before washing the rest of the shirt.

b) The History of Hemp

The industrial hemp plant is supposedly the first crop to have been cultivated by mankind. Archaeological records indicate evidence of its use dating back to 770 AD. The use of hemp was for making paper, ropes, sailing materials and clothes. During WW2 the industrial hemp plant was a popular crop which made the government promote its use for making strong ropes. Unfortunately, the invention of the cotton gin was a drawback for hemp.

Cotton was preferred over hemp fibers because hemp growing and processing was quite laborious. But on the positive side, the farming and processing of the crop creates jobs for thousands of people across the globe.

c) The Future of Hemp

There are many economic and environmental reasons why hemp will be the crop of the future. This is because the use of its fibers and seeds cut across many industries. The industrial hemp plant is a source of food for animals, pets and human beings. While the fiber is used in many sectors in the economy including bio-plastics, building, and construction, automobiles to mention but a few.

d) Frequently Asked Questions

Why is hemp good for making shirts?

Hemp is a sustainable resource unlike synthetic fibers and other natural fabrics like cotton. Synthetic fibers are produced from chemicals and they are not biodegradable. Hemp fibers are biodegradable. In comparison to cotton, the farming of hemp crops is eco-friendly. Cotton farming is not sustainable. Cotton crops use a lot of agro-chemicals and water.

How long does a hemp shirt last?

Hemp is one of the most durable fabrics on earth. The material is quite sturdy, however, it becomes softer with every use and wash.

Where can I buy hemp shirts?

Where to buy hemp clothing largely depends on whether there is a hemp clothing store near you. Hemp clothing stores have a range of apparel including shirts, t-shirts, jeans, and pants. If you are a retailer, you can approach various manufacturers. They may have various buying options including hemp shirts wholesale deals.

Are there good deals for hemp t-shirts?

You can look for hemp t-shirt wholesale deals from manufacturers and dealers of hemp products.


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