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What is Hemp Shampoo?

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a) Definition of Hemp Shampoo

Hemp shampoo is a natural wash and care product beauty product made with ingredients from the hemp plant or simply added oil extracts from the plant. Shampoos are hair care products designed to remove dirt, dead cells, oils, pollutants and other topical applicants on hair. Shampoos are expected to be sensitive enough not to remove so much from the hair making the hair unhealthy.

Although different manufacturers have their own special formulations, hemp shampoos have medicinal properties and nutrition health benefits. The compounds and nutrients in hemp shampoo make it an essential product for good hair maintenance. Additionally, there are no known allergies to hemp. It is a gluten-free plant and works wonders for individuals with lactose intolerance, soy or dairy allergies.

How Cannabidiol Enhances Hair Growth

Hemp shampoos are great for maintaining healthy hair or recovering damaged hair. They nourish the hair by supplying the scalp and hair with nutrients. The industrial hemp plant contains active chemical compounds called cannabinoids. Worth noting is that hemp has no psychoactive compound and therefore using it topically or eating hemp derived foods will not make one high or fail a drug test. Industrial hemp has less than 0.3% THC in its extracts. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC ) is the compound in cannabis plants responsible for making individuals get high.

Although hemp has over 100 cannabinoids, the levels of cannabidiol (CBD) are high. Cannabidiols are effective in dealing with many health conditions including nausea, inflammation, pain relief, and hair and skin conditions. The cannabidiol works by reacting with different body receptors to bring upon a relief.

The Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil to Hair Nourishment

Hemp oil shampoo nourishes the scalp as it enhances hair growth. Hemp seed oil shampoo contains essential amino acids including omega 6 and omega 3 which are vital nutrients for hair growth. Furthermore, the fatty acids are proteins which are hair food, providing nutrients to the hair follicles.

Hemp seed oil shampoo has other essential vitamins and minerals which aid in keratin formation which assists the hair to recover from hair breakages due to hair chemicals, heat styling among other hair exposures. This, in turn, helps in hair growth and restoration, if it is damaged. Vitamin E in hemp seed oil and fatty acids are excellent scalp conditioners.

Hemp oil shampoo is also a natural moisturizer for your hair and scalp which prevents hair breakage. They moisturize the hair by preventing the hair from losing water. In addition, hemp seed oil has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Types of Hemp Shampoos

The oil in the hemp seeds and the CBD in the leaves, stalks, and flowers make it excellent for topical use. There are three types of hemp shampoos in the market. There is hemp shampoo induced with CBD oils only, then we have hemp shampoo induced with hemp seed oil only. Lastly, we have blended hemp shampoo that has both CBD and hemp seed oil.

Different manufacturers have different brands of hemp shampoos to suit various needs, tastes and preferences. There are hemp shampoos for regular hair use, hemp shampoo, and conditioner; there is hemp dog shampoo, hemp baby shampoo, hemp shampoo bars among others.

b) History of Hemp Shampoo

It is interesting to study the history of a product. Although the history of hemp shampoo is not clear and therefore not on record, however, modern shampoos most likely originated from the Indian culture. Indians had a hair massage culture of using different herbs and formulations, oils and aromatic components in the exercise. In Indian culture, shampoo meant hair massage.

They also made a kind of traditional shampoo. Ancient Indians used various herbs and extracts to make shampoo, with particular emphasis on using a certain fruit pulp that was naturally a surfactant.  Many nationalities borrowed the shampoo technique from Indians.

Shampoos have come from far. In Europe, the first shampoos were made with herbs, water and boiled with shaved soap while in America, the first commercially manufactured shampoos could have been made in the 20th Century. Hans Schwarzkopf from Berlin German made the first liquid shampoo in Europe. However, the restrictions on industrial hemp farming in most countries could have limited its use in manufacturing hemp shampoos for many years. And that is why there is little recorded history on hemp shampoos.

c) The Future of Hemp Shampoo

With researchers working round the clock to invent products, we suppose that more hemp-derived products will be implemented that will be specific for dealing with particular hair conditions effectively and medically. We expect hemp shampoos and hair products for dealing with the loss of hair and other hair conditions. Additionally, the combined efforts of beauty and medical researchers should be able to provide more user-friendly hemp hair chemicals and hemp shampoos.

d) Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use hemp shampoo on my baby?

There are manufacturers who have made special hemp shampoos for babies.

I am losing my hair, can hemp shampoo help regrow it?

It is important to consult an expert when you have some conditions. Work with a physician or hair expert to know what factors may have contributed to the hair loss and how to overcome the problem.

Which is the best hemp shampoo and conditioner?

Where to buy hemp shampoo depends on where you live. There are various brands available in local stores and online. Pick a brand from a reputable manufacturer that suits your individual tastes and preferences. You can start by checking hemp shampoo reviews online.

Are there side effects to using hemp shampoo?

You see, hemp shampoo is made with other ingredients. It is not possible to tell if a side effect occurred as a result of hemp ingredients or the other ingredients. Hemp is considered to be a super plant. It is because there are no known allergies to hemp. The protein is preferred by vegans and vegetarians and individuals who are sensitive to other animal-based and plant-based proteins. However, to know if you have an allergy to hemp seed oil or hemp CBD oil, then you may want to try using the pure oils first for nutritional and topical applications before using hemp shampoo.

Where can I buy cheap hemp shampoo?

Hemp was a restricted product in the past and most raw materials for making hemp-derived products had to be sourced from other countries. Importing raw materials is expensive. Now that hemp is recognized by the federal government, as an ordinary crop, more farmers are expected to grow hemp. This may make the raw material more available and cheaper in the future. Check online reviews to know the prices of the different hemp shampoos.

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