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What is Hemp Seed?

Hemp seeds and flour

a) Definition of Hemp Seeds

Industrial hemp seeds have a myriad of uses. Farmers can cultivate the crop just for the seeds.  It is because about a third of the seed is made up of oil. And hemp oil has many uses.

Hemp seed benefits cut across many sectors in the economy including food and nutrition, cosmetics and industrial uses. Furthermore, the oil is often used as a carrier for CBD.

There are many varieties of hemp seeds. When farming hemp for seeds, it is important to seek a seed variety that will give you the maximum yields in seeds.

Hemp seeds are used in the manufacture of many products including nutraceuticals, skin and hair care products, health foods and other products. It is also used in lighting lamps. Hemp seeds are also used in making soaps, detergents, and lubrication. The industrial hemp plant is also added as an ingredient in varnishes, inks, and paints because the fatty acids in the oil dry fast. You can also use hemp oil as a bio-fuel.

Nutritional Value of Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are indeed a superfood. You can use eat the seeds whole, make flour out of them or press the oil out of them. The seeds are like nuts and can be eaten raw or roasted. Hempseeds have high-quality fats and high-quality proteins. Fatty acids are contained in the oil. The seed contains all the essential amino acids in varying amounts.

Hemp seeds are an excellent source of two essential fatty acids namely omega-6 linoleic acid and omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid. The seeds also have stearidonic acid and gamma-linolenic acid. Essential fatty acids play a very important role in the body’s central nervous system and brain.

The seed also is easily absorbed in the body better than soy protein, because it has no inhibiting factors to reduce its absorption capacity. Furthermore, hemp seeds have no gluten, which is an allergen in other plant-based protein seeds. The seeds have many health benefits including helping in digestion, weight reduction, healthy cardiac functions, and healthy blood flow.

Hemp seeds make an excellent meal or snack. There are many products in the market with hemp seed oil and hemp seed nuts. You can buy hemp granola bars, hemp juices, hemp drinks, hemp ice creams, hemp smoothies, hemp milk, hemp butter, and hemp protein. The oil can be used as margarine, or it can be used to dress salads. Avoid using hemp seed oil as a frying oil because high temperatures degrade it. It is best added to already cooked foods or cooking foods.

The hemp seeds are a good animal feed too. They are great for some domesticated animals like chickens.

 b) History of Hemp Seeds

Since time immemorial, hemp has served as a very important domestic, social and economic crop in most parts of the world because of its diverse use. It was such an important crop, that it was recognized by most ancient governments in China, France, Canada and other parts of the world. In some parts of the world, farmers were fined for not growing the crop.

History has it that in 1801, the Upper Canada Governor distributed hemp seeds for free to encourage farmers to grow hemp. In France, hemp was the first crop that the French regime subsidized.

Traditionally, hemp seeds had a myriad of domestic uses. The seeds were grown mainly for food, medicine, and oil. Some communities ate the seed roasted or raw. Hemp’s curative properties in its leaves, seeds, and roots were used by ancient people to relieve various conditions including insomnia, dysentery, difficult births, and painful joints. Hempseed oil was also a common treatment for horse’s hooves, which was effective in preventing the hooves from splitting. The oil was also useful in treating leather. Some communities extracted Hempseed oil which was used as an oil for lighting lamps before Kerosene and electricity became popular.

 c) The Future of Hemp Seeds

The versatility of hemp seeds has attracted a lot of interest in nutrition medicine, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and industrial manufacture of some products and consequently in university research. Hemp seeds have a lot of potential across many sectors in the economy. The seed can be used as an alternative to non-biodegradable materials which in essence are non-sustainable and harmful to the planet.

The sustainability nature of hemp seeds and hemp seed oil means that scientists are working round the clock to make varieties that can produce more seeds and also varieties that can grow in many parts of the world. As the price for petrol continues to skyrocket, cheaper and environment alternatives are needed and that’s why hemp is a great choice. The seed can also work as a binding agent in industrial hemp bio-plastics.

 d) Frequently asked questions

  1. Will consuming hemp seeds or hemp oil make me high?

Consuming hemp oil or hemp seeds won’t make you high. The seeds contain no cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are in the flowers, stalks and leafy part of the plant. But actually, hemp has negligible amounts of THC, below 1%, which is the active compound that is in marijuana and makes someone high.

  1. Will I fail a drug test due to consuming hemp oil and hemp seeds?

Eating hemp seeds or hemp oil will not introduce any THC in your body. The seeds have zero amounts of cannabinoid. The stalks, leaves, and flowers of industrial hemp have about 0.3% THC. The amounts are too little and cannot make someone high or fail a drug test. It is the cannabinoid called THC that causes one to fail a drug test. It is in high levels in the marijuana plant but not hemp plant.

  1. How much hempseeds should I take per day?

The dietary recommendations depend on your age, gender, physical activity and if you have other protein sources. But, generally, the recommended daily intake is about 4 heaped teaspoons per person.

  1. Why is hemp called a superfood?

It is because the seed contains all the essential amino acids required by the body in varying amounts. It also contains other equally important nutrients essential for optimal body functions.

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