Hemp Rope

What is Hemp Rope?

Hemp Ropes

a) Definition of Hemp Rope

Hemp ropes are made from the fibers of industrial hemp plant. The Industrial hemp is a strain of the Cannabis plant and a cousin of the marijuana plant. The plant is grown mainly for its fiber and seed. It is a fast-growing plant. The plant is non-psychoactive and safe for domestic and industrial uses.

The plant’s fiber can be spun and made into various products including hemp ropes, hemp clothing, among other products. Making hemp rope is an easy process that does not require complex manufacturing equipment.

Benefits of Hemp Ropes

Although technology and innovations have brought more affordable ropes, the ropes are less eco-friendly in comparison to hemp ropes. Ropes can be made from cotton and sisal and other synthetic materials. However, the process of making cotton ropes is not planet-friendly. The ingredients are toxic to the environment. Hemp is also stronger and more versatile than cotton.

 Natural Hemp Rope Uses

Hemp strings are a material used popularly by weavers, crafters and jewelers alike. It is a material that is ideal for industrial and at home use. Hemp ropes can be used for making toys for pets, garden ties. You can also use hemp ropes for securing packages and gifts boxes creatively and artistically. Other purposes for natural hemp rope include making jewelry, hemp rope sandals, hemp battle ropes, hemp clotheslines. Other uses for hemp rope are described below.

 Weaving using Hemp Rope

You can weave various things from hemp ropes, including hemp wash scrubs, macrame wall hanging, mats, and hemp baskets.

Hemp Rope for Macramé

You can make macramé cords from natural hemp rope. Macrame pieces are beautiful and are mainly used as decorative objects.

Japanese Shibari

Shibari in Japanese means to tie. Shibari is an ancient Japanese culture. Hemp bondage rope was used for tying up slaves artistically. The culture has been modernized in Japan and other parts of the world. Various patterns and shapes can be created with the rope by the rope artists. Hemp rope can be used creatively and artistically in Shibari exercises.

Dyed Hemp Ropes

You can use hemp ropes for many craft projects requiring different colors. Crafters and weavers can dye hemp twine their color of choice using fiber-reactive dye.

 How to Remove Hemp Rope Natural Odor

Some people don’t mind the natural smell of hemp fiber. However, some people may not like its smell and find it smelly. There are various ways to remove the smell from the twine. You can dry the hemp rope by spreading it on the grass in direct sunlight for at least 8 hours. You can also place the rope in fabric softener or white vinegar. Dry the rope in the sun before using it. Alternatively, you can use activated charcoal or baking soda to remove the smell. Place the ropes in an enclosed bag and put the activated charcoal or some baking soda, give it some time like one week to be ready for use.

b) History of Hemp Ropes

Hemp was a common fiber since time immemorial. Indigenous people used hemp in weaving baskets and mats. Hemp cords were also used in making pottery.

Other ancient practices that used hemp ropes include the Japanese culture for hemp Shibari exercises.

Natural Hemp ropes were trendy in BCE in many nations in the world including Russia, Greece, and England. They were commonly used in ships during the age of ships’ sailing. The only downside with the hemp rope for ship sailing was that it needed to be protected from rotting through a process called tarring. The rope’s interior held water, this is unlike manila ropes which required no tarring. That is why hemp ropes were slowly replaced by manila ropes.

 c) The Future of Hemp

Hemp is indeed a revolutionary product. The plant has numerous benefits, making it a futuristic crop. In the first place, the industrial hemp plant is diverse, the crop can be used to make diverse hemp-derived products including textiles and ropes. Secondly, it is a sustainable crop to grow, it takes a short time to mature. In addition, it requires few agro-chemicals and little water to farm. Although there are other natural plants, for example, sisal and cotton materials from which ropes are made, hemp is a more sustainable plant in comparison to these plants. First, it produces a lot of fiber, and the fibers are easy to extract to make twines, cords or ropes.

There are many industries that manufacture ropes for various purposes. In the future, it is expected more innovation in the use of hemp ropes and hemp fibers. There is a likelihood of replacing hemp with other synthetic non-biodegradable materials in various industries. For example, in the area of synthetic hair and weaves, pet ropes, to mention but a few.

The legalization of hemp by the federal government will drive more farmers to hemp growing. Consequently, hemp fibers will be more available and more affordable.

d) Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a hemp rope?

Hemp is a planet-friendly plant that is sustainable to grow. Unlike other crops that use a lot of agro-chemicals to plant making them very unsustainable. The hemp rope is fully biodegradable.

Where can I find cheap hemp rope?

To buy hemp ropes, you have to review various brands from different manufacturers and choose one that suits you. Although hemp rope may be expensive, this is expected to change after the legalization of hemp growing in the USA. Hemp ropes have been expensive because the fiber had to be imported from China and other countries that had fewer restrictions to grow the plant.

Where can I buy hemp rope?

Because it was illegal to grow hemp, there were few dealers of hemp rope because it was expensive. However, there are various online stores where to buy hemp rope from. Check online and buy hemp rope from one of the dealers.

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