Hemp Protein

What is Hemp Protein?

Sources of Vegan Proteins- Hemp seeds included

a) Definition of Hemp Protein

Hemp protein is a nutritious powder derived from hemp hearts, which are shelled seeds of the industrial hemp plant. A normal hemp seed has three main contents, the fatty acids which are mainly in the oil, the protein content and the fiber content that is mostly in the outer shell.

To get hemp protein, first, the outer brown shell part of the hemp seed is removed. Next, oil is extracted from the hulled hemp hearts, which removes most of the oil in the grain. It is usually through a cold-pressing oil processing system. The residue is hemp protein. Some manufacturers also remove some fiber from the residue. It is called a protein because most of the fatty acids (available in the oil) and even some fiber are extracted from the hemp seeds. What is usually left is the protein powder.

Hemp Protein Supplements

Hemp protein is used as a protein supplement and also used to enrich protein foods. The extract has protein, essential fatty acids, and carbohydrates. Hemp seeds have high amino acids. More so, they have two types of globulin proteins, namely albumin, and edestin which are essential for the body.

Hemp protein is an alternative source of protein for athletes who are vegetarians or vegans because it is a complete protein. However, it has low levels of lysine amino acid. The good thing with hemp protein is that it is allergy free and therefore it can be used by individuals who are allergic to dairy protein, egg protein, lactose, nuts, soy protein, gluten or legumes.

There are versatile recipes for using hemp protein in your kitchen. First, you can make hemp porridge by adding some to your regular porridge flour. Hemp powder can also be added to smoothies or your cereal. More so, you can include hemp powder as one of the ingredients to your baked foods including brownies, cookies, bread, cake or muffins.

 b) History of Hemp Protein

Hemp protein has not been a popular meal in the USA and most of the world for the last eight decades. The seed had to be imported from countries with fewer restrictions. This is because the industrial hemp plant was associated with marijuana and most governments in the world controlled its cultivation since the late 1930s. However, though the two plants belong to the same species of plants called cannabis sativa, they are genetically different. The industrial hemp plant has low levels of THC; the amounts are less than 0.3%. Therefore, industrial hemp plant extracts and products cannot make someone high. There is no THC or active compounds in the hemp plant seeds.

Indeed, following the passing and signing of the 2018 Farm Bill by the USA president in December 2018, the crop will be farmed more and hemp protein is expected to be a favorite dish in the USA and other parts of the world.

 c) The Future of Hemp Protein

Hemp has a lot of potential as a food and industrial material. Following the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, more farmers will consider hemp as a potential crop. The hemp seed is very nutritious. Hemp seed has about 10% carbohydrates, 35% protein, and 45% oil. The outer shell contains the fiber. As if that is not enough, hemp is a very sustainable crop to farm and very environment-friendly. Hemp farming requires fewer pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.

Also as more people continue to learn of the potential benefits in the hemp seed, both hemp oil and hemp seeds will grow in popularity.

More manufacturers globally are expected to supply the market of hemp protein in the future. Besides, more innovations are expected with innovators expected to research on possibilities of making flavored versions and other tastier and more convenient versions.

 d) Frequently Asked Questions about Hemp Protein

Is hemp protein an ideal protein for athletes?

Hemp is a superfood. It is regarded as a complete protein because it contains all nine essential amino acids. Therefore, individuals with an active lifestyle taking hemp protein will get the necessary nutrients. Besides that, taking hemp protein prevents muscle tissue loss for individuals with an active lifestyle.

However, intensive bodybuilders need to boost their diet with foods rich in lysine amino acid. Hemp protein has deficient levels of lysine amino acid. Hemp protein has other benefits to make it a good protein for athletes. The protein is easily digestible, providing quick nutrients to athletes. Also, the protein contains iron which supplies the body with energy, which prevents fatigue.

Why hemp protein is considered a superfood?

Please note that adding hemp protein to your diet is beneficial to the body because the proteins get digested easily. Besides, hemp contains all the nine essential amino acids that your body cannot produce yet require to function normally. Also, the protein has no known allergy and is an excellent protein source for those who have gluten allergies, lactose intolerance, and soy allergies.

How much hemp should one take per day?

The recommended servings will depend on various factors including your age, physical activity, and gender. Your hemp protein dietary requirements will also depend on whether you are a vegan or vegetarian and if you are consuming other protein sources. Four heaped teaspoons are ideal for a person leading an ordinary lifestyle.

If you need the exact amounts of quantities, then you may first need to determine your daily protein requirements depending on your physical activity levels, age, and gender. Then subtract what you are getting from other proteins to know how much hemp protein to take.

Does hemp protein have CBD which is a known medical component?

Hemp protein has no CBD. CBD and other cannabinoid are in the plant’s stalks, leaves, and flowers but not in the hemp seeds. If you need a product with CBD, consider buying CBD oil.

Will I get high or fail a drug test due to consuming hemp protein?

Hemp protein has no trace of THC or any other cannabinoid. Therefore you will neither get high nor fail a drug test due to consuming hemp protein.

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