What is Hemp Clothing? An Eco-Friendly, Durable, and Hypoallergenic Option for Fashion

Among the countless uses for industrial hemp, surely hemp clothing is one of the most fascinating. And it’s not only an interesting use but also one of the most ancient uses of hemp. The earliest register of hemp fabrics in human history dates to 8,000 B.C. It was a piece of hemp cloth in the area of ancient Mesopotamia. There are numerous interesting facts about hemp associated with clothing and fibers.

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What Is Hemp Clothing?

Hemp clothing is a textile product made from the stalks of industrial hemp. The fibers are extracted from the stems of the hemp plant. Hemp clothes are sustainable, highly durable, and hypoallergenic. The final product is very similar to other popular types of fabric. It can also be colored with natural or synthetic dyes.

Hemp bast fibers can become comfortable shoes, shirts, pants, socks, etc. They are sturdy and breathable, with a texture comparable to linen. Once a relatively niche market, hemp clothes are becoming more popular among consumers.

Benefits from Hemp Fabric Clothing

Indeed, hemp textile manufacturers have evolved a lot after all this time and with the current technology. Despite being widely replaced by cotton, hemp clothes are becoming popular again. Wearing hemp is great, but it has numerous benefits for the planet.

Clothes Made from Hemp are Eco-Friendly

Nowadays, saying that something is eco-friendly often sounds like an exaggeration. But organic hemp clothing has so much that it is friendly to the environment. Hemp textiles can be super eco-friendly, and here’s why:

Hemp Uses Less Water

Compared to the most popular source of fiber for clothing, cotton, hemp crop uses less water. An acre of hemp consumes a third of the water of an acre of cotton. Hemp can also produce up to 260% more fiber than cotton. Plus, the hemp crop requires fewer chemicals like pesticides and herbicides.

Bleaching Hemp Fabric Clothing is Less Harmful

Besides, hemp’s bleaching process is less harmful than that of cotton. Bleaching cotton uses chlorine bleach, formaldehyde, or heavy metals. The method of bleaching hemp can use hydrogen peroxide or peracetic acid. These are not as harmful to the environment.

Hemp Textile Is Highly Durable

Because the hemp fiber is sturdy, you’ll get a final product with high durability. Its toughness is one of the many benefits of hemp fabrics. This product could be a game-changer if you care about your sustainable buying habits. Your hemp clothes can last for years, reducing the waste you generate.
When you buy clothes made from hemp, they may be stiff to the touch at first. However, you wash and wear it as time passes, and it’ll get softer and more breathable.

Organic Hemp Fabrics are Hypoallergenic

As we said earlier, the cotton goes through a bleaching process with toxic chemicals. Organic products from reputable distributors can help avoid such allergic reactions.

You could get similar benefits from organic cotton. However, hemp clothes are antibacterial and won’t have irritants like bacteria, dust mites, or fungi. Hemp fabric clothing is naturally resistant to bacteria, mold, and parasites.

Tips to Buy Hemp Clothing

So, where to start when trying to find the best distributors? How to know if your local manufacturers are reliable?

If you’re interested in the best of hemp fabric, we have some tips:

  • Make sure to only buy from brands that are organic-certified.
  • Pay attention to the price tag. Since it’s a relatively new industry, be wary if it’s too low-priced.
  • There are many fabrics made from hemp, such as denim, fleece, jersey, canvas. Choose what fits best your body and your taste.

Excited to start exploring all the possibilities that hemp can provide? Keep an eye on our hemp products section.

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