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Hemp Products: The Key to a Sustainable Future

Hemp is one of the most ancient crops cultivated since at least 10,000 years ago. At the beginning of times, it was used for pottery, but with the years, civilizations started discovering new properties. Since then, it has been considered one of the most productive and versatile fibers. Thousands of products are made from hemp, including construction materials, food, paper, medicine, oil, etc. This fast-growing crop does not require herbicides or pesticides in farming, which positively impacts the planet and is helping to create a cleaner and greener place to live in.

Hemp Paper

Hemp paper products are not a recent invention, it's been used since the early 1900s when producing hemp paper was more favorable in comparison to using wood pulp. It's a sustainable hemp product that can be recycled three more times than wood pulp and its fabrication process is cleaner and environmental-friendly.

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Hemp Bioplastic

It has been thought that there's no eco-friendly alternative to carbon-based plastics, but hemp plastic demystifies that belief. Hemp plastic is sourced from safe and sustainable crops that are biodegradable and recyclable and as if that were not enough, it absorbs even more carbon dioxide than trees.

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Hemp-based building materials are the greatest innovation in a healthy and more sustainable construction industry. Hemp concrete is an eco-friendly and durable alternative that can replace traditional fiberglass, plywood, sheetrock, and drywall. It also offers superior temperature control, flame resistance and noise reduction for interior or exterior walls.

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Hemp Clothing

Clothing products made from hemp is stronger and more durable than cotton wear, even though their life cycle lasts longer and prevents the textile overconsumption. In addition, hemp fabrics reduce water use in almost half compared to other materials, and the remaining material is never wasted because the residues are always used to create other products.

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Hemp Fuel

Hemp biofuel is paving the way to the use of sustainable and greener biofuels. Traditional biofuels use feedstocks that require huge amounts of fertile land to flourish and satisfy the demand. However, hemp crops grown as a feedstock, require significantly lower resources to thrive and can be used to create any type of biofuel.

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Much more

Industrial hemp has evolved, and it's estimated that more than 25,000 products can be made from this raw material. There's a wide range that will be found on the market with some hemp composition such as CBD oil, beer, medicine, soap, milk, and so on. Hemp is clearly a do-it-all and can be used to create just about anything you can imagine.

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