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What is Hemp Lotion?

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a) Definition of Hemp Lotion

Hemp lotion is a cosmetic made with ingredients from the hemp plant. There are three main types of hemp lotions. First, there is hemp lotion with hemp seed oil as the main ingredient. Then there are hemp lotions with CBD oil infused in them. Lastly, there are hemp lotions that are infused with both CBD oil and hemp seed oil. You buy a lotion depending on your skin needs and body condition.

The industrial hemp plant is a good remedy for various skin conditions. Besides that, hemp lotions can be used as antibiotics and antiseptics on the skin.

 Hemp Lotion with CBD Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) is present in the hemp plant. CBD is an active compound and one of over 100 cannabinoids found naturally in the hemp plant. The compound usually interacts with the human body’s endocannabinoid system to create a medical effect of enhancing sleep, appetite, improving moods and relieving pains. It is highly recommended for individuals with injuries who seek to alleviate symptoms of pain.

Hemp body lotion with CBD oil is manufactured using hemp extracts from the flower, leaf, and stalk of hemp plus other ingredients. Some of the lotions are added already extracted CBD oil.

Hemp lotions with CBD oil can manage various conditions including, muscle pains, dermatitis, inflammations, healing of wounds, relieving body pains, relieving backaches, knee pains, bone pains, shoulder pains and relieving skin conditions like acne.

Hemp lotions are applied directly on the affected part to offer instant relief from pain. Some of the lotions have other natural ingredients including moisturizers which help dry or damaged skin. When buying, check the CBD concentration of each hemp lotion.

 Hemp Lotion with Hemp Seed Oil

Eating well and healthy topical applications on your skin will guarantee a healthy skin unless one has genetic or other skin complications that defy nutrition. It is important to know what ingredients are in your skin lotion and their role to the overall health of your skin. Hemp lotion with hemp seed oil contains many benefits due to the rich nutrients in hemp seed oil. Firstly they contain essential amino acids which the human body requires but it is unable to synthesize. The amino acids in the hemp body lotion help the body produce collagen and in the process slow down the skin-aging process. Hemp seed oil also contains omega 6 and omega 3 acids.

Hemp lotions with hemp seed oil also contain various minerals and vitamins vital for good skin health. Some of the vitamins and minerals are antioxidants which help the skin heal and rejuvenate itself. In addition, vitamins and minerals are useful in keeping the skin moisturized. By preventing dryness, they boost the skin’s elasticity, treat psoriasis, eczema and acne, and other skin conditions. The hemp lotions also contain properties to help against UV rays.

 Hemp Lotion with Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil

Using a lotion with both hemp seed oil and CBD oil will give your skin the benefits of both CBD and hemp seed oil. In this case, using a hemp lotion with both hemp seed oil and hemp CBD oil will provide your skin with medical and health benefits.

 b) The History of Hemp Lotion

Many ancient nationalities had a way of protecting their skin and supplying the skin with required nutrients. Ancient Egypt had a way to make moisturizers. Galen, a physician from ancient Roman is recorded to have developed a cream using melted beeswax and other ingredients. On the other hand, Indians used milk and wheat ingredients to exfoliate their skin. Other ancient nationalities used natural oils including palm oil, hemp oil, avocado, animal fats, and other plant-based oils to provide nutrients to their skin.

Ancient people used the hemp plant to treat the hooves of horses, treat snake bites, insect stings and bites, dysentery, and other conditions. Lotions manufacture can be traced back to the first time commercial skin care products started being manufactured.

The first commercially produced skin care product on record is the lip balm that was invented by Dr. Fleet. Then in the 19th-century body creams for commercial purposes started being manufactured, with the first sunscreen manufactured in the year 1930. From then, there have been concerns with chemical-based lotions and that’s why more and more people are opting for body lotions that are made with natural ingredients like the industrial hemp plant.

c) The Future of Hemp Lotion

Hemp is an amazing plant that can make a range of products including edibles, cosmetics, and technical products. Each hemp plant part namely the seed, stalk, fiber, leaves, and flowers is rich in either technical components, medical benefits or health benefits and usually adds a different property to a product.

Hemp products are gaining popularity because of their potential benefits. Cannabinoid found in the flower, stalk, and leaves of the hemp plant have medical properties for dealing with many conditions in human beings and in pets.

Skincare products including hemp lotions have not been left behind. In the near future, it is expected that hemp lotions will be more popular. Following the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, more farmers are expected to adapt to hemp farming and also more manufacturers will make hemp-derived products.  In the future, we expect more skin lotions that are hemp-derived.

d) Frequently Asked Questions About Hemp Lotion

Is hemp lotion appropriate for aging skin?

Hemp lotions with hemp seed oil contain Vitamin A and Vitamin B1 which are anti-aging and they also help to fight skin wrinkles. The nutrients work by rejuvenating the skin stimulating collagen production.  The process slows down the aging of the skin and forming of wrinkles.

Can hemp lotion treat painful skin conditions?

Hemp lotion with CBD oil is effective in dealing with pain. CBD properties have instant pain relief.

Are all hemp lotions in the market the same?                

There are various brands of hemp lotions manufactured by different organizations. Each brand is manufactured with different ingredients. Some have hemp seed oil as an ingredient, some have CBD as the main ingredient whereas others have both CBD oil and hemp seed oil. It is important that you buy from a reputable manufacturer and also check what ingredients are included in each brand that you are considering to buy.

Where can I buy hemp lotion?

You can buy hemp body lotion from a reputable seller through an online transaction or through a local store.

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