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What is Hemp Lingerie?

Hemp Woven Lingerie

a) The Definition of Hemp Lingerie

Hemp lingerie is made from hemp fabrics extracted from the fiber. It is an eco-friendly fabric that has good features suitable for all types of clothing including lingerie. Like other lingeries, hemp lingeries are fashionable and come in different styles. They include hemp undergarments, hemp sleep, and hemp bra.

How to Shop For Lingerie

There are various factors you need to consider when buying lingerie. First, it depends on whether you are buying that type of lingerie for the first time or you are adding more pieces to your wardrobe. If you are buying any type of lingerie for the first time, then you probably don’t know your fitting.

Secondly, it depends on whether you are shopping for lingerie online or you are buying from a clothing store. Another equally important factor that influences your shopping choices is whether you are shopping alone or you are shopping with a partner. If you are shopping with a partner, you should consider their opinions. Additionally, you need to consider your budget limits.

Factors to consider when buying lingerie

When buying lingerie, consider the fabric of the lingerie, the color, style of lingerie and your fitting which will determine the size. As a fashion statement, it is also good to focus on buying sets and not just one item.

 Online Shopping vs Buying From a Clothing Store

If you are shopping for lingerie online, knowing your fitting makes the process easier because the other shopping factors can be evaluated online including the type of fabric to buy, the cost, style and also color.

However, if you are buying certain lingerie for the first time, it is advisable to go to a clothing store for fittings. In a hemp clothing store, you will also get an opportunity to look at the varied styles on offer. That said, you can use online virtual fittings offered by some retailers and brands to determine your size. Virtual fitting is an online fitting service where a trained fitter assesses your fit online and suggests sizes and also recommends styles. You can do this at the comfort of your home. Virtual fitting is useful especially if you are buying clothing that is not available in your local clothing store. And when buying clothes online, try to take advantage of free shipping to cut down on the cost of the items.

Lingerie Fabric

It is important to know the type of fabric used in the manufacture of your clothes. this is because each fabric is unique and has different features. Also, some fabrics are environment-friendly while others are not, meaning that processing of the fabric releases toxins into the environment.

Advantages of Hemp Fabric

Hemp fabric has anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-odor properties. The fabric is breathable and comfortable and gets soft after a few wears and washes. Above that, the industrial hemp plant is an organic plant and using hemp reduces the effects of global warming which is an effort towards saving our planet.

Hemp farming is eco-friendly because it produces more fiber per acre than cotton yet it requires less water and few or zero agro-chemicals to grow. Just as importantly, it takes hemp less than half a year to fully decompose when disposed.

 Disadvantages of Regular Lingerie Fabrics

Usually, bras, sleepwear, and other undergarments are made from synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon or natural fibers like cotton or silk.

Although cotton is a plant-based fabric, its farming is not eco-friendly because it requires a lot of water and agro-chemicals to grow.

Polyester is a common fabric. It is a synthetic fiber, produced from petroleum. Petroleum-based fabrics are not renewable and are non-biodegradable, taking hundreds of years to decompose. The problem is that, the non-recyclable wastes are filling our lands and oceans, chocking plants and marine wildlife contributing to an increase in global warming.

Different Types of Hemp Lingerie

There are many manufacturers of hemp lingerie manufacturing a wide range of products. Namely hemp bras, hemp sleepwear and hemp panties. Some clothing stores have different brands of hemp lingerie.

b)The History of Lingerie

Until the late 19th century, bras were quite functional pieces of clothing and not designed to be visually appealing. Women used to wear corsets and other large and bulky underwear. The pioneer of visually appealing underwear is believed to be lady Duff-Gordon of Lucile. Since then, manufacturers keep innovating fashionable lingerie.

c) The Future of Hemp Lingerie

Hemp fabric is perfect as a lingerie fabric. Additionally, hemp is an eco-friendly plant, therefore, it is sustainable. In this regard, consumer awareness will make ladies to prefer hemp lingeries over other natural fabric lingeries and synthetic fabric lingerie.

d) Frequently Asked Questions

Why is hemp fabric a good lingerie material?

Hemp lingerie is organic. Hemp is a natural fabric and not synthetic and it has good features. First, hemp is a breathable material. In addition, hemp is mildew and mold resistant and it has also anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties. Above that, the fabric is comfortable and gets soft as you keep washing it.

What’s more, it is an eco-friendly fabric. The farming of hemp requires little water and agro-chemicals than the farming of other plant-based fabric materials like cotton.

Where can I buy hemp lingeries?

First, check if your local clothing store has hemp lingeries. You can also opt to buy hemp lingeries online.

What is hemp fabric?

Hemp is a fabric woven from the fiber of industrial hemp. The fiber is extracted from the stalks of the industrial hemp plant. It is extracted through a process called retting. The fabric is then used to make various items including hemp lingerie.

Where can I buy an organic hemp bra?

Worth noting is that each manufacturer has their own unique designs. If you are in a clothing store, read the labels to check the fabric of different brands and styles of lingerie. And if you are doing online shopping, if the information is not provided online request from the customer service department of the manufacturer.


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