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What is a Hemp Energy Drink

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a) Definition of a Hemp Energy Drink

Hemp energy drinks like other energy drinks work as dietary supplements. Hemp energy drinks are energy boosters with a formulation of energy. They also contain other nutrients and flavors to make them taste great. Although hemp energy drinks have the cannabis plant, they are non-alcoholic drinks and have no THC.  Therefore, they will not cause any psychoactive effect on consumers or cause any hangovers. A cannabis hemp drink is usually ready to drink. The drinks are conveniently packed in a can or bottle for ease of use while outdoors.

Different Brands of Energy Drinks

Please note that there is a range of hemp energy drinks in the market each with its unique formulation and different cannabis energy drink effects. Some contain natural extracts; some are carbonated while others have ingredients like caffeine. Most energy drinks contain caffeine and hemp energy drinks are no exception. Therefore, if you happen to be sensitive to caffeine, then you may need to buy only hemp drinks without caffeine. Caffeine is a common physical and mental stimulant.

There are no legal dietary restrictions on caffeine consumption. However, there are statutory regulations on how much caffeine quantities should be in a certain amount of product.  This is because doctors associate too much caffeine to high blood pressure and in some cases even sudden death. Also, some energy drinks are carbonated. That being the case, when buying a hemp energy drink, consider the various brands by analyzing the ingredients.

Advantages of Hemp Energy Drinks over Other Energy Drinks

Most energy drinks are unhealthy having little to no health benefits. CBD hemp drinks are medicinal while energy drinks with hemp seed extracts are nutritional providing your body with essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Furthermore, hemp energy drinks are non-psychoactive and will not cause you to get high.

Types of Hemp Energy Drinks

Hemp is a super plant packed with nutrition, having carbohydrates and also other health benefits. One exciting way to partake the nutrients is by taking hemp energy drinks. Because they are hemp energy drinks derivatives, they are added compounds from the industrial hemp plant. Therefore, all hemp energy drinks have either hemp seed extracts. They may also contain extracts from the flowers, stalks, and leaves of the hemp plant. In that case, some have the active cannabidiol compound, and some do not have.

CBD Energy Drinks

CBD energy drinks have extracts from the hemp flowers, stalks, and leaves. The drinks contain phytochemicals called cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is an active compound which helps in improving various body functions. The compound is ideal for reducing anxiety, giving anti-inflammation effects, reducing insomnia, dealing with epilepsy symptoms, reducing pains and aches in the joints and muscles.

Hemp Seed Extract Energy Drinks

Hemp seeds concentrates are nutritional compounds extracted from hemp seeds. They are rich in nutritional benefits to the body. They do not contain CBD or THC compounds in their composition. The seeds have healthy fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins which are essential for healthy body functions some of which are anti-oxidants.

Hemp Energy Drinks For Athletes

Many coaches and trainers are recommending CBD products because of various health benefits that come with products that have CBD. September 2017, saw the removal of the CBD products from the World Anti-Doping Agency 2018 prohibited substances list. Indeed, athletes need to take electrolyte-rich foods to replenish what they lose when working out.

The active compounds in hemp drinks are useful and can help in reducing any discomforts felt in the body due to fatigue from working out. They also increase an athlete’s energy levels to enable them to do workouts for more extended periods. By including hemp energy drinks as an athlete can benefit you by reducing the effects of inflammation. You can also have better mood and less anxiety, relieve pains in any part of your body especially joint and muscle aches. Besides, hemp also helps in reducing lactic acid and assists an athlete to recover faster after a workout.

b) The History of Energy Drinks

The formulation of soft drinks by manufacturers of soft drinks like Cola and Pepsi in the late 1890s and early 1900s was with similar ingredients that are in energy drinks. However, the soft drinks got re-evaluated after several decades by soft drink manufacturers and other competing organizations. They came with the energy drinks brand, and they now have a unique market niche in the overall drinks market. Most energy drinks in the market have high sugar and caffeine levels.

c) The Future of Energy Drinks

Consumer awareness usually brings a change in consumer habits. It is likely that in the future, consumers will seek energy drinks that are caffeine-free, non-carbonated and that have medical and nutritional benefits. In the future, hemp energy drinks that are non-carbonated and caffeine-free will feature more as the preferred energy drink for most lovers of energy drinks because of their health benefits.

d) Frequently Asked Questions

Will I fail a drug test from consuming hemp energy drinks?

Hemp energy drinks are non-alcoholic. CBD energy drinks contain trace amounts of THC which is a psychoactive compound. The legal THC limit for hemp plants is 0.3%, and this is insufficient to cause someone to get high or fail a drug test.

Does a hemp energy drink contain caffeine?

There are different brands of hemp energy drinks. The production of energy drinks are by different companies, and each hemp has a unique formulation. That said, you need to check the label of energy drinks to know if they are caffeinated or not.

Are hemp energy drinks carbonated?

Some hemp infused energy drinks are carbonated while others are not. Check the label to know the ingredients and unique composition of each hemp energy drink you are purchasing.

Do hemp energy drinks have CBD?

Some hemp energy drinks have the active compound cannabidiol while others have hemp seed extracts. Each hemp energy drink brand has a unique formulation. Check the ingredients on the label of a hemp energy drink to know if it contains CBD or not.

Where can I buy cannabis energy drink?

You can buy a cannabis hemp energy drink from a hemp dispensary near you. If there is no hemp dispensary near you, you can buy online from online dealers like Amazon.

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