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What is Hemp Cheese?

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a) The Definition of Hemp Cheese

Hemp cheese is a non-dairy product made from the seeds. If it is home-made, it doesn’t have preservatives. The cheese can complement meals like pizza, mac and cheese, sandwiches, crackers, salads or use it as a dip. The cheese is packed with essential amino acids as well as other vitamins,  minerals, and fiber.

Hemp cheese is a good alternative for vegans or vegetarians and for individuals who are allergic to grains, nuts, gluten, lactose, and dairy.

Recipes You can use to make hemp cheese

You can get as creative as possible when making hemp cheese. There are recipes for soft or hard delicacies. Because there are no prior preparations required like soaking the seeds, it is easy to make the cheese.

Hemp has a mild nutty flavor. If you are sensitive to this taste, there is no need to be concerned because that is why some of the recipes have garlic and lemon as ingredients.

For a thicker cheese, you can add more hemp seeds, while if you want it thinner, you can add more milk.

Here are three recipes you can try out to make hemp cheese (soft).

1. Recipe 1

To make this cheese you need three main ingredients:

i) hemp seeds-1 cup

ii) hemp milk-4 tablespoons

iii) nutritional yeast-4 tablespoons.

The nutritional yeast adds a cheese flavor to your hemp cheese. Make the delicacy by blending all the ingredients using a food processor.

2. Recipe Two

You require the following:

i) One cup of hemp hearts

ii) A quarter teaspoon of pepper

iii) A quarter teaspoon of salt

iv) Half a clove of garlic

v) A quarter cup of nutritional yeast

vi) One green onion sliced

vii) Half lemon

viii) Two tablespoons of olive oil

Blend all the ingredients using a food processor. The final texture should be creamy and thick.

3. Recipe 3

This is another simple recipe. It takes less than 15 minutes maximum to finish and have it ready for serving. The following are the ingredients for the recipe:

i) Two cups hemp heart

ii) Four garlic cloves

iii) Six tables of lemon

iv) Four tablespoons of fresh chopped dill

v) Half a cup of salt

vi) Four tablespoons of hemp milk

Place all the ingredients in the food processor and blend them to a smooth buttery feel.

CBD-infused Hemp Cheese

If you want to incorporate CBD into your recipe, you can add a few drops of CBD oil into the above recipes. CBD is an active compound with various medicinal benefits.

b) The History of Hemp

Hemp seeds have been a source of food for many cultures for millennia. The crop was cultivated by ancient cultures. It is believed to be among the earliest crops to have been planted. Its seeds were eaten roasted or raw.

b)The Future of Hemp Cheese

We expect more innovative and creative ideas in the use of hemp seeds and CBD in foods. There is a likelihood that mainstream cheese making manufacturers will come up with CBD-infused brands and hemp seed cheese brands soon. Additionally, we expect commercial enterprises to continue innovating the products.

Like Carl’s Jr., located in Denver which recently introduced a hemp-infused burger as part of their menu. Carl’s Jr. introduced a one of a kind Cannabidiol-infused burger called Mountain High Cheese Burger Delight. It is part of the company’s strategy of introducing new flavors including plant-based menus.

d) Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hemp Cheese Vegan?

Hemp is a plant and its derivatives are plant-based unless animal products are added. We have vegan and non-vegan cheese. The vegan type has ingredients that are all plant-based and has no dairy or goat milk in it. On the other hand, non-vegan cheese has dairy milk in it as the main ingredient.

If you want hemp vegan cheese, you do not add any dairy milk but substitute dairy milk with hemp milk or almond milk.

How can I make hemp cheese?

There are various recipes you can use to make the product. This article has provided three recipes (you can refer to the list above) you can use to make the delicacies. Here are also a few more hemp recipes to add to your diet.

Where can I buy hemp cheese?

Very few companies at the moment are manufacturing the products for sale. However, you can check online, for example, you can buy Dutch Hemp Cheese.

Will hemp cheese aid in my weight loss program?

It has not been scientifically proven that consumption of hemp leads can contribute to loss of weight. However, a few things are pointers to the way hemp improves your health including helping in maintaining your weight. First, it contains soluble and non-soluble fiber. Fiber helps in digestion. When an individual’s digestion is good, they are healthier.

Fiber usually causes an individual to get full and avoid snacking in between meals, which in turn reduces calorie intake, thereby having a significant impact on a weight loss program.

Will I get high from consuming hemp cheese?

No, you won’t get high. The main ingredients are the seeds of the industrial hemp plant. The seeds do not contain any cannabinoid and specifically, they do not contain THC. THC is the compound that causes a user to get high. Therefore, you will not get high from consuming hemp cheese.

What are the benefits of Hemp Cheese?

Hemp cheese is very nutritious. The seeds contain all the essential amino acids and also minerals, vitamins, soluble and insoluble fiber which boosts the health status of an individual.


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