Hemp Carbonated Drink

What is a Hemp Carbonated Drink?

Hemp Carbonated Drink

a) Definition of a Hemp Carbonated Drink

Hemp carbonated drinks or CBD-infused drinks are carbonated drinks that contain the natural extracts of the flowers, leaves, or stalks of industrial hemp. A regular carbonated drink is manufactured with dissolved carbon dioxide which makes it fizzy. The process involves packaging carbon dioxide under pressure. All this happens because carbon dioxide does not fully dissolve in water. Carbonation levels vary from one brand to another with fruity brands having the least amount of carbonation. Also, the amount of CBD each brand contains is different, they range between 10mg per can to 20mg per can.

Hemp carbonated drinks have other ingredients apart from carbon dioxide and CBD.

How are Hemp Carbonated Drinks Manufactured?

Usually, hemp juice, dry hemp extracts or CBD oil are added to the ingredients of a carbonated drink to make CBD-infused drinks.

The juice is extracted by cold-pressing the flowers, leaves and upper parts (stalks) of the hemp plant. These parts of the hemp plant contain active compounds called cannabinoids. The most significant cannabinoid found in hemp is called cannabidiol (CBD). CBD has high medicinal properties. It is non-psychoactive and it is packed with medicinal benefits.

Brands of Hemp Carbonated Drinks

There are many brands of CBD-infused drinks offering consumers a wide range of options. Each product is distinct. There is also a wide range of flavors some containing natural sugars like cane sugar. Most of the cans contain between 10mg to 20mg of CBD. Some of the brands are infused with other natural ingredients including L-theanine, American Ginseng and Schisandra.

What are the Benefits of Taking Hemp Carbonated Drinks?

Carbonated drinks make it easier to incorporate CBD in your daily diet. They are convenient because they can be taken from anywhere. Consuming CBD-infused carbonated drink is like consuming your regular carbonated drink but with the additional benefits of having medicinal properties. CBD has anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants and pain relief properties, to name but a few. CBD has been proven to manage various medical conditions including two rare forms of epilepsy, depression, PMS symptoms, arthritis, among others.

Number of Carbonated Drinks to take

More research should be conducted on potential medicinal benefits of hemp, the dosage and side-effects. Therefore, how many carbonated drinks you can drink depends on how much CBD is in each can and your age and weight. It also depends on whether you are treating a medical condition or not. If you are not treating any medical condition, it is advisable that as an adult, you should not consume more than 40mg per day. As for kids, carbonated drinks are not recommended.

A seven-year-old should not take more than 10mg of CBD per day, which should be spread to two times a day. Therefore, kids who are below 7 years should not take a CBD-infused drink that contains 10mg or more at once. Maybe manufacturers will launch brands that are kid friendly in the future with less amounts of CBD. Considering that most cans contain between 10mg to 20mg of CBD, kids above 10 years can take a can per day but not more. The amounts can be increased after monitoring their intake.

Will Hemp Carbonated Drinks Cause someone to Get High?

Hemp is different from marijuana (weed). Hemp is harmless although it belongs to a family of plants called cannabis which naturally contain cannabinoids. One of the cannabinoids is called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is what causes a high in users. Noteworthy, hemp has only traces of THC, usually below 0.3%. Therefore, it is not a drug nor does it cause a user to get stoney because the levels of THC are too low.

b) The History of CBD

The leaves, flowers, and stalks of the industrial hemp have had medicinal significance for many centuries. Cannabidiol was discovered in 1940 and has been under scientific research since. Its use was curtailed for many decades when the hemp plant was classified as a controlled substance due t war on drugs. But now, it is legal to grow the plant after the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill.

c) The Future of Hemp Carbonated Drinks

The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill in December 2018 opened up a new world of hemp opportunities. The industrial hemp plant is revolutionalizing various industries with the introduction of new brands.

Consumer tastes and preferences keep changing with an ever-evolving market. Manufacturers have to respond to the needs of the market by inventing new products that correspond to the needs of their consumers. The industrial hemp plant has brought new beverage ideas to the table for both manufacturers of alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks.

More mainstream and other entrepreneurs are expected to join different industries that are specializing in hemp derivatives.

d) Frequently Asked Questions

How will I benefit from taking a CBD-infused drink?

CBD-infused drinks make you enjoy a carbonated drink while also benefiting from the medicinal properties of hemp. CBD-infused drinks contain an active compound called cannabidiol (CBD), which will not make you get high but rather will leave your moods refreshed.

Can kids take CBD-infused drinks?

It depends on the age of the child. As you know, carbonated drinks should not be taken by young kids. But if you normally allow your kids to take carbonated drinks, then there shouldn’t be any problem with your kids drinking CBD-infused drinks. CBD-infused drinks are only different from regular carbonated drinks with the additional ingredient of CBD extracts. CBD extracts are medicinal and can be consumed by children and adults alike. In fact, the prescription medicine called Epidiolex contains CBD and it is for treating persons above 2 years who have a rare condition of epilepsy.

The area of CBD dosage is still grey and even most doctors will shy away from giving a recommendation. Most carbonated drinks contain between 10mg to 20mg of CBD. This is too much for a kid who is 7 years and below to take at once unless they have been taking CBD and they are used to it. Kids who are 10 years or older can begin with a 10mg carbonated drink. After monitoring their intake the amounts can be increased.

Where can I buy CBD-infused drinks?

They are available online and in leading retail stores in the USA and in other parts of the world.

Are there side-effects to taking hemp carbonated drinks?

Although side-effects are rare and there is no known overdosage on CBD, some consumers get negative side effects including diarrhea, drowsiness, vomiting, and increased heart rate. It is advisable, therefore, to take small quantities of CBD-infused carbonated drinks and increase the quantities gradually as you monitor your reaction to CBD.


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