Hemp Bra

What is a Hemp Bra?

Hemp Bra

a) Definition of a Hemp Bra

Hemp bra is a brassiere made using hemp fabric. Hemp fabric is an amazing material with diversity and amazing features. The bras bras are like other fashionable bras, they are creatively made and comfortable to wear so that by buying one you are not compromising on anything.

You can buy hemp bras from different manufacturers available online. For DIY lovers, you can actually crochet hemp bras using hemp twine.

There are other undergarments, made with hemp fabric including hemp lingerie, hemp panties, hemp bralettes, bandeaus, tube tops, boob tubes, and hemp swimming wear.

Why Switch to Hemp Bras

Hemp fabric is advantageous over traditional bra materials like cotton. First, hemp is more breathable and porous. Also, hemp is mildew-resistant. Additionally, Hemp is a strong fiber and that makes it durable. Durability means that users will be buying bras less frequently and saving money in the long run. Although hemp clothing and in essence hemp bras may be a bit stiff to wear initially, eventually they get soft after several washings.

Not to mention, that compared to hemp farming, cotton growing and processing is not sustainable because it uses a lot of chemicals that are not environment-friendly. Commonly used pesticides in the farming of cotton include Monocrotophos, Dimethoate, Cypermethrin, and Endosulphan. These pesticides are toxic to the body and to the soil. Cotton processing undergoes a toxic manufacturing process where they are treated with chemical dyes and other chemicals. Cottonalso uses a lot of water during farming as compared to the hemp plant.

Health Benefits of Hemp bras

It is unfortunate that the skin absorbs some of the chemicals which are then stored in the body fat cells. The chemicals could be responsible for many health problems in women.

Hemp has an active chemical compound in its composition called Cannabidiol (CBD). It also has traces of THC (it has less than 0.3%). Both CBD and THC have medical benefits and are used in the treatment of various medical conditions in humans and pets. Whether CBD and THC have the ability to kill and fight cancer is still a subject of debate in the research and medical circles. But there is a high probability that CBD and THC can be an alternative medicine to the prevention and treatment of cancer. If so, then wearing hemp bras will give you the added benefit of getting medical properties. All in all, we hope that cures for cancer and breast cancer will be found soon.

Revolution of Bras

Women have a lot of bra choices that it can get overwhelming to choose a bra design. This is because fashion has revolutionized bras from the original simple design of covering and supporting the breast to many modern designs. Fashion has transformed bras to fashion piece that can be used for covering the breast, revealing it, or simply serving as a fashion statement.

From the earliest corsets, many designs have come up including sports bras, nursing bras, training bras, male bras, bridal bras, strapless bras, jogging bras, medical bras, sleep bras, air bras, padded bras, to name but some.

b) The History of Hemp Clothing

Hemp was one of the first crops to be industrialized.Hemp seems to be the first crop to have been cultivated for its fiber for textile making. Many nations across the world encouraged their citizens to cultivate the crop. Hemp was also grown for its curative properties and nutrition provision.

Unfortunately, hemp got overtaken by cotton when the first mechanical cotton gin was invented. The gin made cotton manufacturing less labor intensive, this was in contrast to hemp which was still labor intensive. What followed was hemp’s association with marijuana. It is unfortunate that all the benefits of the hemp crop got overshadowed by its link with marijuana.

Therefore, there were little developments in terms of hemp clothing, hemp bra manufacture or the hemp industry in most parts of the world for the last 80 years or so. The 2018 hemp bill is what has brought a lot of hemp possibilities. In the past, hemp fiber was an imported material which made it quite restrictive to be used in large-scale commercial production.

c) The Future of Hemp Bras

Fashion is very unpredictable. Therefore, when it comes to bras, we still expect innovators to continue coming up with new products.

It is evident that consumers in the future will be seeking to use green products in order to curtail the effects of global warming. In this regard, we anticipate that innovators will come up with more planet-friendly options of softening hemp fibers and also making them white. We also believe that hemp manufacturers will have many hemp bra designs to meet different market niches like sports, maternity, bridal among others.

d) Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to wear hemp bras when one is nursing?

Hemp bras have no toxins and therefore they are safe to use on all occasions. They are safe as maternity and nursing bras.

Where can one buy a hemp sports bra?

If you want a 100 percent hemp bra in any category, check out manufacturers dealing with organic hemp bras. They are available online.

Where can I buy 100 percent hemp bra?

You can get an organic hemp bra from various manufacturers. Check out women’s hemp underwear and other undergarments online.

Which bras are more durable hemp or cotton bras?

Hemp fabric is strong and this gives hemp bras the feature of being more durable than cotton bras.

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