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What is Hemp Beer

Hemp Beer

a) The Definition of Hemp Beer

There are many ways of incorporating hemp into your daily diet. For beer lovers, hemp beer is a great treat. The beverage is an alcoholic drink infused with CBD or nutrients of the hemp seed. Hemp beers are manufactured by different companies, therefore, they undergo different beer making processes. Some contain CBD because they are infused with hemp flowers while others contain hemp seed extracts. Other beverages are brewed from hemp seeds.

There are various manufacturers of hemp beer including Craft Brewing Business, Limestone Brewing Company, Four Saints Brewing Company, and Humboldt Brewing Company.

Brands induced with Hemp Seeds

The Humboldt Brewing Company has a beer brand called Hemp Ale. The beverage is unique beer in that it incorporates hemp seeds during the brewing process. The beer won Golden Medal Awards in Brewing Competitions in California.

Beers Induced With Hemp Flowers(CBD)

Four Saints Brewing Company has a legally registered beer brand called Founding Fathers Hemp Ale that is induced with hemp flowers.

Advantages of the Beverage

Using hemp has an overall carbon-neutral effect from its farming to supplying the hemp beer to the market.  Hemp is renewable energy and using it reduces carbon dioxide emissions. During the farming of hemp, the crop uses few agro-chemicals and little water compared to other plants. Noteworthy, hemp releases a lot of oxygen in the environment while absorbing carbon dioxide from the environment. the crop is also a very sustainable because it takes only four months to fully mature.

The Process of Making Alcohol

There are various ways of making hemp beers. The different processes produce different varieties with unique tastes. To make the beverage, first, the manufacturer chooses between using hemp hearts (hulled hemp seeds) or whole hemp seeds. Another option is whether to roast the hemp seeds or use raw hemp seeds.

To begin the beer making process, hemp seeds are crushed in hot water. Then, they are left to soak for about two hours. The process creates a sugar substance called wort. The sugary substance is boiled to allow all the water to evaporate and then an ingredient called hops is added to it while allowing it to continue boiling which gives the hemp beer a flavor, bitterness and a beer fragrance.

The next process involves fermenting the substance by adding various ingredients including yeast. Yeast is what initiates the fermentation process of the beverage and makes the solution to turn into alcohol. After that, more sugar is added which is intended to react with any remaining yeast. The solution releases carbon dioxide, to produce a non-carbonated drink that is ready for bottling. The beer has a nutty flavor. Roasted seeds produce a somewhat coffee flavor.

The beer has no THC and it is legal in the USA.

Hemp Beer with CBD

Hemp is a historical plant that has been useful as a medicine for millennia. This is because hemp contains an active non-psychoactive compound called Cannabidiol (CBD) which has medicinal benefits.

Worth noting is that there are over 100 compounds in the industrial hemp plant called cannabinoids. CBD  and THC are among the compounds. CBD is in high concentrations in hemp. Although hemp contains Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it is only in negligible amounts because hemp is legally supposed to contain less than 0.3% THC. A lot of folks still confuse the industrial hemp plant with marijuana. The two plants are of the same genetic family called Cannabis sativa but they are different. Marijuana has psychoactive effects because it contains high amounts of THC. Consuming marijuana will cause one to get high and also fail drug test. However, because hemp has only trace amounts of THC, it does not cause a high stimulus effect in the body.

Therefore, the beverage incorporated with hemp flowers has CBD. Scientists have discovered that CBD initiates actions in the central nervous system. The actions are non-intoxicating. Scientists believe that CBD interacts with receptors in the endocannabinoid system to produce warming, calming and healing effects. When someone takes CBD or applies CBD topically, it produces an effect in the body by activating receptors thereby benefiting the body.

b) The History of Hemp Beers

Historically, hemp was used as a food source, for medicine, and for its fiber. There is evidence to indicate that hemp beers were produced as early as 1516 in Europe. Unfortunately, the hemp industry did not reach full maturity because of a law that was passed in Germany called “the beer purity law.” The law affected the production of Cannabis beers until the 1990s when the beverage was re-introduced into the market.

Hemp has been a dormant industry since the 1930s due to its association with the marijuana plant. Hemp was classified legally under the controlled substances Act, which made it impossible for hemp to be revolutionary.

c) The Future of Hemp Beers

It is likely that beverage manufacturers will get more creative with the use of hemp CBD and hemp seeds. Main beer manufacturers are expected to catch the hemp revolution and introduce hemp beer brands. Soon, we will also have many brands that are incorporated with both hemp seeds and CBD oil.

d) Frequently Asked Questions

Will hemp beers cause me to fail a drug test?

Not at all. You will not fail a drug test from consuming hemp beers. The beverage are not made from marijuana but they are made from a non-psychoactive and non-intoxicating plant. The drinks are made from hemp flowers and contain only trace amounts of THC, below 0.3%. This cannot make you fail a drug test. Furthermore, drinks made from hemp seeds contain zero THC because hemp seeds don’t have any cannabinoids.

Where can I buy hemp beers?

It is likely that there are one or two brands of beverage at your local liquor store. If you don’t find any, then order hemp beers online.

How can I start manufacturing hemp beers?

Please note that business startups are highly encouraged because they have a positive effect on the economy. To do any business startup, you need knowledge in the manufacture of that product, even if it seems like a simple process.

To start you off, you need capital to buy all the machinery and ingredients for making the beverage on a commercial scale. If you have no experience in beer making, hire an experienced employee, having several years of experience in making all types of alcohol. The experienced employee will help you in knowing what equipment to buy and how to make the beer.

Then, you need to find a farmer who can supply hemp seeds and flowers(if the beer will have CBD). You need enough supply for the whole year. Additionally, you will need to hire experts at products branding who will give your beverage a brand name. Then, you need marketers and salespersons to supply the beer to potential consumers and do online selling.

For the fun of it, you can read the beginning of this article. We have covered how to make hemp beer from hemp seeds. Then you can try making a small quantity of the alcoholic drink at home and see how it goes, you really have nothing to lose. The main ingredients you need are hemp seeds, sugar, yeast, and hops.

Will I get drunk from consuming hemp beer?

Yes indeed. The drink is alcoholic and you will get drunk just like consuming other alcoholic beverages.


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