Hemp Bed Sheet

What is a Hemp Bed Sheet?

a) Definition of Hemp Bed Sheet

Hemp bed sheets are bed linen made from industrial hemp fabric. In the past, it was rare to find hemp bed sheets made with 100% of the material. Most of the manufacturers blended hemp with organic cotton material. This is because, in the past it was hard to find environment-friendly processes of softening the hemp fabric. However, this is soon changing and it is will be easier to make soft hemp bedspreads that are 100% hemp.

There are many different designs and sizes of hemp bed sheets. There are hemp fitted sheets, hemp fitted cot sheet and baby cot sets among others.

If you are buying bed sheets and you are wondering whether to buy linen, cotton or hemp bed sheets, here are the advantages of hemp in comparison to other fabrics.

Benefits of Hemp Bed Sheets

  1. Durable

In comparison to other natural fibers like silk, linen and cotton, hemp is the most durable. Hemp fiber has up to eight times the tensile strength of cotton and has proven to be four times more durable than cotton. In addition, the fiber is anti-mold and anti-mildew, which extends its durability.

2. Thermal regulating

Hemp bed sheets are breathable and absorbent. They will keep you warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot. Therefore, they are excellent in all weathers. In addition, they are good for individuals who sweat a lot when sleeping because of their thermal regulating properties.

3. Hypoallergenic

The fiber has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties. The properties protect the bed sheets from bacteria, fungi and dust mites. Consequently, hemp bed sheets are good for individuals with different sensitivities and conditions like asthma. Hemp fabric is also anti-mildew and anti-mold and ideal for anyone who sweats a lot at night.

4. Eco-friendly

The farming of hemp is environment-friendly. To avoid using chemicals in processing hemp fabric, some manufacturers hand spin it and also avoid using harsh chemicals to dye it.

Hemp is also biodegradable. It takes not more than six months for the fabric to get fully decomposed. It is, therefore, an eco-friendly fabric. What’s more, eco-friendly organizations use non-plastic packaging materials to pack hemp linen.

5. Soft

The bed sheets keep softening the more they are washed.

Hemp Vs Cotton

Hemp can well be deemed as the most eco-friendly fiber on earth. Whereas cotton requires tons of fertilizers and lots of water to reach full maturity, hemp requires a few agro-chemicals and little water. Additionally, hemp takes a short period to mature. And because hemp requires few agro-chemicals, it makes a perfect rotational crop with any other annual crop. Unlike cotton which pollutes the soil making it impossible to grow other crops.

Although cotton is a polluting crop, that uses tons of agro-chemicals during farming, cotton fiber is made of pure cellulose and it is soft and white in color which is in contrast to hemp. As much as hemp is a good alternative to cotton and thrives in a wide range of climatic conditions, retting is an involving process. Retting is the process of extracting fiber from hemp stalks to make them into hemp fabric.

Linen Fabric vs Hemp

Linen fabric is a natural plant-based fabric that has its respective advantages and disadvantages. It has many similarities with hemp including having antibacterial properties, it has insulation properties, it is biodegradable, it is breathable and repeated washings softens it. Linen is also strong and durable. In addition, both fabrics have to go through retting to extract the fabric from the stalks.

However, hemp has longer fiber than linen and is more durable. Although hemp uses more water in its farming, linen uses more chemicals than hemp.

b) The History of Hemp Bed Linen

Most individuals still stigmatize hemp by associating it with marijuana (weed) and its psychoactive properties. Well, hemp and marijuana belong to the same family of plants called cannabis sativa, but the two plants are different genetically. Marijuana contains at least 3% of THC, whereas legally, hemp is supposed to have not more than 0.3% THC. Hemp was a popular crop historically. Two of the founding fathers of the USA were hemp farmers. Actually, it was used in making about 80% of all clothes in many parts of the world until the 1920s.

Therefore, hemp industries stalled because of categorization of hemp as a controlled substance which prevented the commercial farming and use of hemp. The invention of the cotton gin also negatively impacted the use of hemp as a fiber.

c) The Future of Hemp Bed Sheets

Cotton is the most popular fabric in the world. Actually, annually it is estimated that about 26 million tons of cotton are produced in comparison to only 70,000 tons of hemp. However, because of the many advantages of hemp in comparison to cotton, the production of hemp is expected to increase soon.

The major disadvantage of hemp which is unlike cotton has been that the process produces a sturdy and coarse textile. To soften it would require the material undergoing various chemical processes which are not environment-friendly. The good thing is that more and more inventors are looking for ways of avoiding the use of chemicals. Some innovators have found a natural enzyme that can make the fabric soft.

d) Frequently Asked Questions

Between cotton bed sheets and Hemp bed sheets, which is better?

Although cotton has a softer fabric than hemp, cotton farming is not environment-friendly. Cotton uses more water during farming and the crop has to be sustained with a lot of agro-chemicals which pollutes the soil.

Between hemp and linen bed sheets which ones are better?

Hemp and linen have many similarities. Therefore, the difference between hemp and linen is not so significant. However, hemp has a stronger fabric than linen and uses less agro-chemicals during its farming than linen.

Where can I buy hemp bed sheets?

There are various manufacturers of hemp bed sheets globally. First, check if you will find a pair of bed sheets at your local hemp clothing store or you can order them online.


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