Your Ultimate Guide to Hemp Diapers

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When you think of cloth diapers, that first thing that comes to mind is down-and-dirty cotton diapers with safety pins. At least that’s how they looked like back in the day.

Today, the reusable cloth diaper market is saturated with dozens of options and materials to ensure your baby has a cozy and eco-friendly experience. One of the diapers quickly gaining traction is hemp diapers.

The natural fibers of hemp diapers are loved by many parents because of their high absorption capabilities.

If you’ve taken the organic baby diaper route, hemp cloth diaper is an excellent choice to start with.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Hemp Diapers

What are Hemp Diapers?

These are cloth diapers with a hemp liner that can be cleaned and reused. Hemp diapers are made from natural strong hemp fibers, which allow them to be used up to eight times for a newborn baby.

Additionally, since you can reuse hemp diapers, they’re eco-friendlier than disposable diapers.

How are Hemp Cloth Diapers Made?

Hemp diapers are made from raw hemp fibers, which may be bleached white or left in the fiber’s natural color. Non-absorbent materials – such as an external waterproof layer of polyurethane laminate or an internal absorbent layer of microfiber toweling – are added inside hemp diapers to keep your baby dry for longer.

What are the Benefits of Hemp Diapers?

Unlike disposable diapers, reusable hemp diapers offer many advantages.

1. Environmentally Friendly

If you want to create a sustainable future for your baby, using hemp diapers is an excellent place to start.

Unlike disposable diapers, which contribute about 3.5 million tons of waste in landfills, hemp diapers help conserve the environment since they’re reusable and biodegradable.

2. Saves Money

A typical family can spend $2,000-$3,000 per baby on disposable diapers for two years. On the other hand, cloth diapers cost about $800-$1,000 for the same period.

Hemp plants offer three times more useable fiber than cotton. This helps you save money as you won’t need to buy new diapers every time.

3. Durable

Hemp cloth diaper liners are made from long, strong, natural fibers. This means that hemp diapers can last for months without wearing or losing shape.

4. Comfortable

Hemp fiber creates a soft fabric that is gentle on your baby’s skin.

And since it has no natural or chemical allergens, it’ll not cause any allergic reactions. It’s also breathable to keep your baby cool all through the day.

How Do You Clean Hemp Cloth Diapers?

If soiled, use a diaper sprayer to remove the poop and mask the odor from the diaper. If you are not going to wash it immediately, leave the diaper wet so that the dirt can wash off easily without leaving a stain.

Prewash your hemp cloth diapers in cold water to enhance its absorbency. Using hot water can shrink the diaper. Then add a mild detergent to clean the hemp diaper liners just as you would with regular liners.

Add some vinegar when rinsing hemp cloth diapers rather than using bleach, which can easily make the fabric’s fibers to break down. It may also make the diaper feel rough and be less durable. Vinegar brightens, softens, and disinfects your diapers while keeping the washing water fresh.

Also, don’t use fabric softeners. This is because they may leave a film on the diaper liner, making it less absorbent and may irritate your baby’s skin.

When drying, ensure you line-dry your hemp diapers for the best results. If you have a dryer, set it at low heat to prevent the diaper snaps from warping, compromising on the fit.

Hemp Cloth Diapers FAQs

Here are answers to some common questions about hemp cloth diapers:

How Many Hemp Cloth Diapers Do I Need?

This will depend on your baby’s age and your laundry habits. However, it’s recommended to have 36 diapers for a newborn, 24 for an infant, and 20 for toddlers. This will ensure you never run out of clean diapers.

Are Hemp Diapers Difficult to Care For?

Hemp cloth diapers can be washed like any other clothing and don’t need any special care. They also don’t need to be pre-folded or ironed.

Are Hemp Diapers Bulky and Cumbersome?

Hemp cloth diapers are made from lightweight organic fabrics and feature innovative designs, such as built-in fasteners, which make diaper duty less challenging. Besides, they are a little less bulky than disposable diapers because they are made from cloth.

How Do You Get Stains Out of Cloth Diapers?

Sunning your diapers is your best bet to remove stubborn stains.

Several hemp diapers have an external waterproof layer of polyurethane laminate that can get damaged with continued bleach exposure. Thus, consider using vinegar instead.

Are Hemp Diapers Sanitary?

Hemp diapers have natural anti-bacterial properties and are chemical-free, so they don’t need any thorough sanitation.

You can simply clean them in warm water and either line dry or tumble dry them in low heat.

Do Hemp Diapers Leak?

Disposable diapers use chemicals to mask wetness and odor when soiled. Conversely, hemp cloth diapers are made from natural highly absorbent fibers that prevent leaks and protect your baby’s skin by keeping it dry and comfortable.

How Much Do Hemp Diapers Cost?

Hemp diapers cost almost the same as disposable diapers. However, hemp diapers are reusable and last for months to give true value for money.

A similar set of disposable diapers will not last even a week.

Where to Buy Hemp Diapers

Hemp cloth diapers are available at local stores and pharmacies around the country. There are also dozens of brands that sell their hemp diapers online. You can order a set and have them delivered at your home.

If you’ve never used hemp cloth diapers before, feel free to try them out. You and your baby might like them.

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Wondering what else hemp can make? Sign up to our blog for up-to-date posts.