Warm Up Your Hands with Eco-Friendly Hemp Gloves

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It’s the only plant on earth that can feed us, house us, clothe us, treat us, and protect the environment for a more sustainable future. With more than 25,000+ uses, the hemp plant can support humanity in almost every aspect.

Today, hemp is still a crucial part of human life. It has prowled in different industrial sectors, some of which we never saw coming. For example, in the manufacture of hemp gloves.

Hemp gloves are just like any other hand gloves, the only difference is that they’re made from natural hemp fiber. The hemp fiber can be weaved in different patterns and thicknesses to create different types of gloves such as garden gloves and winter gloves.

Why Use Hemp Gloves?

Hemp gloves are generally used like any other gloves – to protect your hands and/or make them warm.

However, they do come with benefits that you may not find in gloves made of other materials. These include:

1. Hemp Gloves are Durable

Hemp fiber is known to create strong, durable, and sustainable clothing – and hemp gloves are no exception. They may get softer over time, but not weaker. This makes them a suitable alternative to cotton. The gloves made from hemp can last three times longer than cotton gloves.

Additionally, the gloves won’t stretch out of shape, so you can use them for longer.

2. Hemp Gloves Promote Eco-Friendliness

The hemp plant is a “green” plant. This means that it’s cultivation and production don’t pollute the environment nor deplete natural resources. The plant uses very little water – almost 40 times less that of cotton cultivation. It’s also capable of growing without the use of toxic chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers which usually pollute nearby water reservoirs.

Furthermore, hemp gloves are fully biodegradable. After their useful life, you can throw them in your garden or compost heap and they’ll decompose into organic matter that’s valuable to the soil.

3. Hemp Gloves are Comfortable

Unlike leather and some cotton gloves, hemp gloves are breathable and have anti-bacterial properties. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the gloves catching mold or developing an awful odor.

Even better, your hands won’t get sweaty when wearing them – they’re the perfect gloves for working outdoors. Some hemp work gloves come with additional features like textured fingertips to make them more efficient.

4. Hemp Gloves are Affordable

Compared to other textiles, the production cost of hemp fiber is low, and this translates to low-cost hemp products – hemp gloves being one of them. 

With the legalization of hemp cultivation, the market of hemp products is estimated to triple by 2026. And with a more efficient production system, you can expect even more affordable products.

Have You Tried Hemp Gloves?

While you can find gloves made from 100% hemp, most hemp-infused gloves in the market right now have been blended with other materials like wool and cotton.

When you buy a hemp product, you’re indirectly contributing to the conservation of the environment and a more sustainable future. Keep your hands happy with hemp gloves.

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