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Hemp News: What’s to Come in 2020

If you read the hemp news in 2019, you know it was for sure an intense year for many hemp enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. There was much progress in some areas for the hemp industry, as 2019 consolidating as the first year after the Farm Bill passed in the US. Hemp is now a mainstream product, [...]

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What is CBG Oil? Learn all about this lesser-known cannabinoid

Even though many people know the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD oil), hemp oil, and other cannabinoids, some lesser-known compounds are gaining the attention of hemp enthusiasts. Cannabigerol (CBG) is one of over 120 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. This non-psychoactive compound, like the other cannabinoids, interacts uniquely with the [...]

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Building with Hemp Today to Construct a Greener Tomorrow

Hemp is finally getting the press it deserves. More people are beginning to appreciate and love this invaluable plant for all that it’s worth. And innovators from around the world are starting to experiment with its eco-friendly capabilities, as well as rediscover techniques used by humans hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. Perhaps two [...]

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world's largest hemp producers

A Closer Look at the World’s Largest Hemp Producers

Hemp has been around for thousands of years. With records dating as far back as 8,000+ B.C.E., this multi-functional plant has been used around the globe throughout history for more purposes than you can imagine. From paper to honey, smoothies to straws, medicinal oils to building material – you name it, hemp can do it. [...]

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cbd oil for anxiety

How To Use CBD Oil for Anxiety, Depression and Other Mental Conditions

As people who suffer from anxiety and depression are increasingly becoming interested in alternative treatments for these mental ailments, more light gets shed over the positive results of cannabis-derived products. With the legalization of hemp products in the US and the increase of medical research about the therapeutic effect of cannabinoids, [...]

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how to make cbd oil

How To Make My Own CBD Oil – The Oil And The Alcohol Method

As the popularity of CBD grows more and more among people searching for holistic treatments for several ailments, the number of brands producing CBD oil and tinctures also grows fast. However, many people are choosing to prepare their own oil to have more control over the product quality, price, and especially the potency of the [...]

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Hemp legalization

The State of Hemp Legalization Worldwide

President Donald Trump signed into law the Farm Bill in 2018. The good news about it is that he made growing and possession of hemp legal throughout the U.S. For a long time, hemp has been judged wrongly and unfairly just because it is related to marijuana. A revolution in hemp legalization is sweeping the [...]

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Hemp oil innovation

Top Hemp Innovations Taking the US Market by Storm

According to Purdue Horticultural Department, hemp can make over 25,000 products. That means the modern hemp innovations are just a scratch on the surface. We have a long way to go. Before its prohibition in the 1900s, cannabis was one of the most dominant plants in most industries. Its versatility allows applications in textile, paper, [...]

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Hemp honey

Benefits of Hemp Honey

Honey is good. But what if it is made better by fortification with other natural and useful ingredients? After the passing of Farm Bill in 2018, hemp is becoming more popular in most edibles. You can use CBD oil in butter, gummies, and honey. Hemp honey refers to honey infused with CBD oil. The two [...]

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Hemp benefits

Benefits of hemp legalization by different states

Think of a plant that can be used to make almost anything on earth. Think about hemp tea, hemp paper, hemp straws and even cars made from hemp. Even the legendary Henry Ford used hemp in making a prototype car before it was rendered illegal. The benefits of hemp are many and so vast is [...]

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Hemp growing

Climatic and Ecological Conditions Required for Hemp Cultivation

After the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, cannabis industry has gained a lot of attention from many stakeholders. Several states have now legalized cultivation of hemp for medical use. We have also seen 11 states legalize recreational use of cannabis. The current trend has created a new opportunity for farmers in the United States. [...]

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cbd hemp oil

Hemp Oil Vs. CBD Oil: What Is The Difference And Everything You Need To Know

After decades of prohibition and restrictions, numerous countries around the world are changing their laws regarding hemp and cannabis for medicinal, supplementary, or recreational use. However, there is still plenty of confusion when it comes to an understanding of the different products that can be extracted from the plant: hemp oil vs. CBD oil. [...]

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hemp oil healthy recipes

Hemp Food Products: Delicious And Healthy Ways You Can Include Them In Your Diet

Hemp food products are getting considerable attention from doctors, nutritionists, and healthy food experts. The food products derived from the hemp seeds are an excellent supplement known to be extremely rich in protein, essential fatty acids, and minerals. Growing hemp for food and other industrial uses is entirely legal in many countries and [...]

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Hemp smokes

Can You Smoke Hemp?

Hemp has been a subject of debate for many decades in the USA and across the globe. This is because hemp belongs to the cannabis family of plants. As such, it is closely associated with marijuana which is also a cannabis plant. So, is it alright to smoke hemp? Are there any significant benefits or [...]

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Hemp Paper

There are many hemp derivatives that make it a remarkable plant. The fiber from the stalk of the plant can make different types of raw materials processed into a wide range of products. Hemp’s fiber is tougher in comparison to other fibers making it a better raw material for different industrial applications. Besides, hemp is an [...]

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Hemp Straws

What are Hemp Straws?

Despite the best efforts and campaigns to eradicate the use of straws, it’s ever more apparent that we need a reliable and sustainable alternative to plastic straws. Plastic is unsustainable and there are clear ways in which we could still accommodate modern trends far much more sustainably. Ecofriendly choices such as hemp can be game-changers [...]

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The Benefits of Using Hemp Wick

There are other ways of lighting your buds than using butane lighter or matches. You can use a hemp wick. Hemp wicks provide an awesome way to spark your herb bowl, enhancing your smoking experience.  It is an eco-friendly and healthier way to enjoy your herb, notwithstanding, it makes your herb taste better. What’s more, [...]

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hemp milk

How to Make Hemp Milk

The industrial hemp plant is a wonder plant. Its leaves, flowers, seeds, and stalk have both commercial and domestic significance. Its stalk is an industrial raw material for making paint, plastics, clothing, ropes, paper, among other products. While the seeds are used as food for humans and animals The leaves and flowers are medicinal; for [...]

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image hemp harvesting

Keeping An Eye On The Industrial Hemp Industry

Industrial hemp can bring countless economic and environmental benefits for the industries that adopt it and its supply chain. Industrial Hemp, also known as hemp, is the denomination of the strains of the Cannabis sativa explicitly grown for industrial uses. Although both industrial hemp and cannabis as a drug derived from the same species of [...]

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Organic Hemp Food – The Ultimate Healthy Trend

Hemp food, a new global trend Vegans and natural food enthusiasts are incorporating this fiber and protein source into their diet.     The use of hemp has become a global trend in the past few years mainly due to the positive discussion fueled by the medicinal traits of the plant. Meanwhile, the positive effects of organic [...]

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4 Key Differences Between Hemp and Marijuana

Marijuana and hemp indeed belong to the same family: Cannabis Sativa. However, there is evidence that shows that these two plants have completely different characteristics and qualities. While both plants are barely differentiable physically, they couldn’t be more different. The main differentiating factor between hemp and marijuana is the level [...]

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