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regenerative hemp farming

Creating a Sustainable Future with Regenerative Hemp Farming

Farming alone contributes more than $132 billion to the U.S. economy; although, it also faces its fair share of struggles, including tariff wars and changes in consumer behaviors. However, the most significant challenge in this sector would be extreme weather events and the degradation of arable land. These factors have led to the steep decline [...]

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hemp juice

What is Hemp Juice? What Are Its Benefits?

While much of the hemp industry has been focusing on isolated cannabidiol and hemp fiber, few have been talking about hemp juice. But what exactly is hemp juice? How is it used? What are its main benefits? And why is it suddenly in the spotlight? If you’re asking these questions, this essential hemp juice guide [...]

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industrial hemp flower

Plunge Into the World of Industrial Hemp Flowers

If you’re just hearing about CBD hemp flowers, you’re probably wondering why there’s a lot of fuss about them online. Well, CBD extraction is one of the main reasons for hemp cultivation. Although it can be extracted from any part of the plant, the hemp flower contains the largest CBD concentration, which makes it one [...]

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hemp bags

Hemp Bags: Are They Worth Your Money?

Hemp is likely one of the first cultivated plants, with its evidence dating back 8,000 BC in Mesopotamia (Iran and Iraq). It’s also known to be one of the most eco-friendly and versatile crops on earth. It’s used to make a range of items including construction materials, paper products, food, moisturizers, biofuel, personal care products, [...]

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hemp farmers association

Are You a Hemp Farmer? Here’s Why You Need to Join a Hemp Farmers Association

With the commercial cultivation of industrial hemp now legal due to the 2018 Farm Bill, the civil society in the hemp industry will play a vital role in tackling the arising political, technological, and economic issues. To fulfill this role, it’ll need to strengthen its capacity, which over the past decades, has been weakened by [...]

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hemp sunglasses

Awesome Benefits of Hemp Sunglasses

By the year 2025, the hemp industry is estimated to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 34%. This growth can be attributed to the versatility of hemp products in the market, one of them being hemp glasses. In 2014, Sam Whitten made the first hemp sunglasses in his parent’s garage.  He raised [...]

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industrial hemp companies

Industrial Hemp Companies Seeded for Growth

As we move towards a future where global development favors nature-positive industrial materials, hemp is emerging as a natural resource that not only lightens a project’s carbon footprint but enhances it.  Hemp has a storied history alongside human civilization, arriving in North America in the 1600s as a key textile material and growing [...]

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hemp shoes

Hemp Shoes: What Makes Them Different?

If you’ve been following the latest hemp news, you probably know of hemp plant’s many uses in textiles, construction, and agriculture. But have you ever heard of hemp shoes? While it may seem like a new phenomenon, hemp shoes have been on the market for decades. They provide an eco-friendlier alternative to other shoe materials [...]

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Hemp Field

How to Harvest Hemp – Everything About the Hemp Harvesting Process

Farmers and hemp enthusiasts worldwide are eager to know more about the hundreds of possibilities of this miracle crop. Yes, you can grow hemp legally in many countries and the U.S.grow hemp legally. Although this crop is highly profitable, and the products can have countless applications, the hemp harvesting process is more complex. Read on [...]

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current industrial hemp prices

What You Need to Know About the Current Industrial Hemp Prices

One of the most common questions that hemp farmers ask is how to establish a fair market price for hemp. With the inherent nature of the cannabis industry, the unfamiliarity with the hemp market prices is justifiable. The industry lacks important baseline data such as total sales of CBD products and total biomass produced every [...]

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CBD hemp oil herbal drops

Your Ultimate Guide to CBD Hemp Oil Herbal Drops

Ever since the 2018 Farm Bill came into effect, there has been a “green rush” of hemp-inspired products flooding the market. While hemp can be used to produce a multitude of products across varying industries, few have caused as much confusion among consumers as hemp oil. That’s because many brands are now marketing CBD and [...]

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hemp hearts vs hemp seeds

Hemp Hearts vs. Hemp Seeds: What’s the Difference?

Hemp seeds are a superfood. With a serious amount of all the right nutrients and fiber, a serving of these super seeds not only nourishes your body but also helps keep your gut healthy. Hemp Seeds vs. Hemp Hearts Hemp seeds and hemp hearts come from the same plant but are different parts of the [...]

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hemp seed oil for acne

Get Smooth, Clear, Spotless Skin with Hemp Seed Oil for Acne

Acne isn’t just painful. It can also have an extensive impact on your emotional and social well-being. Since your skin is one of the first things people notice about you, it can be quite embarrassing when acne strikes. Did you know your favorite skincare product is probably making your acne worse? The truth is, if [...]

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hemp as animal feed

Hemp as Animal Feed: Should You Be Feeding Your Cattle Hemp?

Volatile incomes, trade wars, and increasingly fickle consumers have had American farmers in a financial crisis over the last few years. When the 2018 Farm Bill overturned hemp’s illegal status, many farmers were excited by its prospects as an animal feed—and understandably so. The plant provides a cheaper and more sustainable alternative to [...]

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hemp farms in colorado

The Breakdown of Hemp Farms In Colorado

Farming hemp has been rapidly expanding over recent years. Mostly because it’s a dynamic and lucrative crop demanded at a high rate. Despite the fact that growing hemp is an enormous undertaking, hemp crops are being cultivated by many farmers due to their profitability and fast growth. It’s no surprise that after the legalization took [...]

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industrial hemp processing

A 6-Step Guide to Industrial Hemp Processing

Post-harvest processing is often a neglected part of the hemp production supply chain. Think about it, when you talk about hemp, what’s the first thing that crosses your mind? For many people, it’s the plant’s versatile applications or its sustainability that come to mind. Nevertheless, post-harvest processing is critical to the many hemp [...]

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industrial hemp extraction equipment

Which is the Best Industrial Hemp Extraction Equipment?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the chemical compound within the hemp plant whose therapeutic properties have caused a stir in different industries in recent years. From pharmaceutical companies to cosmetic giants, everyone seems to be coming up with some form of CBD oil, CBD cream, or CBD ointment. If you’re looking to incorporate products that contain [...]

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CBD hemp seeds

What are CBD Hemp Seeds? Do They Actually Contain CBD?

In the seed and nut world, the hemp seed is king. Just a few spoonfuls pack chockful of essential nutrients for your body. What’s more, the CBD hemp seeds are easy to eat and cook, and come with a pleasant nutty taste – a crisscross of pine nuts and sunflower seeds. And no, they won’t [...]

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coronavirus impact on hemp industry

Amidst an Outbreak, The Hemp Industry Will Boom

Even though we can’t predict what the economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic will be, there is one certain thing: it comes with bright opportunities for the hemp industry. Although it is an uncertain scenario and the industry won’t be immune to it, it seems to us that it is the door to creation. The [...]

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Hemp Textiles: What You Need to Know & Why You Should Use It

With natural resources dwindling fast and petroleum-derived fibers (such as polyester and nylon) being harmful to the environment, the textile industry is increasingly turning to sustainable fiber alternatives such as hemp. After years of federal prohibition, the cultivating of hemp for commercial use became legal – albeit with regulatory [...]

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hemp farm bill 2018

What Exactly is the Hemp Farm Bill of 2018?

Few days are more significant to the hemp industry than December 20, 2018. On this day, President Donald Trump approved the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, effectively marking a drastic change in the federal hemp policy. But while the Farm Bill of 2018 has many people excited about the potential market for this new cash [...]

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