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hemp hearts vs hemp seeds

Hemp Hearts vs. Hemp Seeds: What’s the Difference?

Hemp seeds are a superfood. With a serious amount of all the right nutrients and fiber, a serving of these super seeds not only nourishes your body but also helps keep your gut healthy. However, while there’s no doubting their nutritional value and health benefits, it can be tricky to decide which form of hemp [...]

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hemp seed oil for acne

Get Smooth, Clear, Spotless Skin with Hemp Seed Oil for Acne

Acne isn’t just painful. It can also have an extensive impact on your emotional and social well-being. Since your skin is one of the first things people notice about you, it can be quite embarrassing when acne strikes. Did you know your favorite skincare product is probably making your acne worse? The truth is, if [...]

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hemp as animal feed

Hemp as Animal Feed: Should You Be Feeding Your Cattle Hemp?

Volatile incomes, trade wars, and increasingly fickle consumers have had American farmers in a financial crisis over the last few years. When the 2018 Farm Bill overturned hemp’s illegal status, many farmers were excited by its prospects as an animal feed—and understandably so. The plant provides a cheaper and more sustainable alternative to [...]

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hemp farms in colorado

The Breakdown of Hemp Farms In Colorado

Farming hemp has been rapidly expanding over recent years. Mostly because it’s a dynamic and lucrative crop demanded at a high rate. Despite the fact that growing hemp is an enormous undertaking, hemp crops are being cultivated by many farmers due to their profitability and fast growth. It’s no surprise that after the legalization took [...]

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industrial hemp processing

A 6-Step Guide to Industrial Hemp Processing

Post-harvest processing is often a neglected part of the hemp production supply chain. Think about it, when you talk about hemp, what’s the first thing that crosses your mind? For many people, it’s the plant’s versatile applications or its sustainability that come to mind. Nevertheless, post-harvest processing is critical to the many hemp [...]

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industrial hemp extraction equipment

Which is the Best Industrial Hemp Extraction Equipment?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the chemical compound within the hemp plant whose therapeutic properties have caused a stir in different industries in recent years. From pharmaceutical companies to cosmetic giants, everyone seems to be coming up with some form of CBD oil, CBD cream, or CBD ointment. If you’re looking to incorporate products that contain [...]

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CBD hemp seeds

What are CBD Hemp Seeds? Do They Actually Contain CBD?

In the seed and nut world, the hemp seed is king. Just a few spoonfuls pack chockful of essential nutrients for your body. What’s more, the CBD hemp seeds are easy to eat and cook, and come with a pleasant nutty taste – a crisscross of pine nuts and sunflower seeds. And no, they won’t [...]

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coronavirus impact on hemp industry

Amidst an Outbreak, The Hemp Industry Will Boom

Even though we can’t predict what the economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic will be, there is one certain thing: it comes with bright opportunities for the hemp industry. Although it is an uncertain scenario and the industry won’t be immune to it, it seems to us that it is the door to creation. The [...]

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Hemp Textiles: What You Need to Know & Why You Should Use It

With natural resources dwindling fast and petroleum-derived fibers (such as polyester and nylon) being harmful to the environment, the textile industry is increasingly turning to sustainable fiber alternatives such as hemp. After years of federal prohibition, the cultivating of hemp for commercial use became legal – albeit with regulatory [...]

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hemp farm bill 2018

What Exactly is the Hemp Farm Bill of 2018?

Few days are more significant to the hemp industry than December 20, 2018. On this day, President Donald Trump approved the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, effectively marking a drastic change in the federal hemp policy. But while the Farm Bill of 2018 has many people excited about the potential market for this new cash [...]

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how to get a hemp growing license

How to Get a Hemp Growing License in the US

Getting a hemp growing license: a step-by-step guide After years of federal prohibition, state legislatures in the U.S. have legalized industrial cultivation of hemp. Some have even established state-licensed hemp programs in a bid to promote the cultivation of the plant as an agricultural commodity. But why the sudden change of mind from the [...]

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industrial hemp seeds

Industrial Hemp Seeds: Nutrition, Health, and Other Benefits You Should Know

Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp has been getting a lot of attention, and for all the right reasons. Virtually every part of hemp has something to offer, and it’s no surprise that everyone is trying to get their hands on this magic plant. If you’ve been following the news about hemp, [...]

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industrial hemp dryer

Everything You Need to Know About the Amazing Industrial Hemp Dryer Machine

Are you a hemp farmer looking to diversify your revenue sources with CBD oil production? Or maybe, you’re just tired of hemp companies low balling your poorly dried hemp. Whichever the case, you need efficient industrial hemp processing equipment if you want to make real money in the hemp industry. One of the most important [...]

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How to Harvest Hemp, Hemp Harvesters, & More.

Harvesting is the most labor-intensive and less uniformly stage of hemp cultivation. One thing is to grow hemp and another very different one is to harvest it. Hemp is a very versatile plant that can be processed for its fibers, its nutritious seeds or for both purposes. When growing hemp the best approach is to [...]

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hemp translation

Hemp Names Around The World And How Each Culture Embraces Cannabis

Lately, modern societies have been trying to make peace with hemp. The non-psychoactive cousin of marijuana has a long history bonded to humankind. Many interesting hemp history facts show that countries had long-lasting happy relationships with the plant and its products. And as hemp is present in different cultures, there are many different hemp [...]

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greenhouses for hemp crops

Investing In Fields Of Hemp: 5 Lessons To Learn Before Starting A Hemp Crop

Since the Farm Bill passed in the U.S. in 2019, farmers are increasingly interested in growing hemp. Industrial hemp is one of the oldest industrial plants, as societies have used it for over 10,000 years. From textile and clothing to food and medicine, hemp crops can be processed into thousands of products. And although the said [...]

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smoking hemp cigarettes

Hemp Cigarettes: Everything about this new trend

Nowadays, there are hemp cigarettes for sale everywhere around the U.S., and you might be asking yourself, are these products safe and legal? Why are people smoking these? Yes, they are legal in the U.S., but they can be bought only by people over 18 or 21 years of age, depending on the state. Many [...]

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Buying Guide: How To Buy CBD Hemp Oil Safely

     If you have been tracking this miraculous plant, you may be excited about the use of hemp products and their benefits. However, because this industry is relatively new to regulatory agencies, there isn’t much clarity about quality and product standards for hemp products, especially when you’re looking to buy CBD hemp [...]

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facts about hemp

7 Interesting Facts About Hemp That Will Wow You

As we learn more and more about the plant that’s changing industries around the world, the interesting facts about hemp never cease to amaze us. We already know that this plant can feed us, clothe us, house us, and even heal us, but there’s more. It seems like this trend has only been around for [...]

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man in cannabis plantation

Is It Legal To Grow Hemp? Learn How To Grow Hemp Legally

Is it legal to grow hemp? The answer to this question is not straightforward, as it depends on many factors, including where you are located and whether you have or not a growing license. In this article, we aim to clarify the bureaucracy needed if you want to know how to grow hemp legally and [...]

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hemp beer

What Is Hemp Beer? Does Hemp Beer Make You High?

Yes, beer brewed with hemp exists, and it’s legal in the U.S., but before rushing into conclusions, be aware that the commercialized version doesn’t contain THC, so it won’t get you high. This uprising form of beer infused with elements of the hemp plant is gaining popularity as many breweries throughout America are producing it. [...]

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