Organic Hemp Food – The Ultimate Healthy Trend

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organic hemp food
organic hemp food is healthy and sustainable

Hemp food, a new global trend

Vegans and natural food enthusiasts are incorporating this fiber and protein source into their diet.    

The use of hemp has become a global trend in the past few years, mainly due to the positive discussion fueled by the medicinal traits of the plant. Meanwhile, organic hemp food’s positive effects make it a new favorite for healthy, natural, and vegan enthusiasts. In addition to being completely legal in various countries and states, hemp foods are incredibly nutritious and safe for use.

Hemp food is available in very different forms

Organic hemp food is available in numerous presentations: shelled seeds, seeds, protein, flour, pesto, tea, cooking oil, hummus, butter, granola, and so on. You can buy seeds, leaves, and oils to prepare your favorite recipes with packaged products. Also, hemp food products can be incorporated into practically any recipe, eaten raw, sprouted, or grounded into meals. Aside from its many uses, organic hemp food has advantages over other whole foods. So, why is organic hemp food the ultimate healthy trend?

hemp oat meal
oat meals made with hemp are becoming popular

You can legally buy organic hemp food in many countries: the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, France, most of the European Union, and many other places. As a rule of thumb, if organic hemp food is legal where you live, you should be able to find it in any whole foods market or grocery store.

Hemp food is safe: Are There psychological effects?

Hemp and marijuana are both plants from the Cannabis family. However, they are very different. Hemp has a maximum limit of 0,3% of THC present. It means that hemp foods only have trace amounts of THC, which won’t cause any effects on the human body and wouldn’t even be traceable on a drug test, for example. Therefore, organic hemp food will not get you ‘high.’

Any organic hemp food, be it the seeds, oils, or leaves from the hemp plant, are entirely safe to be ingested by pregnant or nursing women, children, and older people, as long as they don’t have any history of allergies. Organic hemp foods are rich in healthy fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins. These nutrients make it safe to ingest and an excellent choice for your health.

It’s an extremely healthy superfood

Although the term superfood is used exaggeratedly nowadays, it can be perfect to describe organic hemp food. Hemp seeds are a reliable vegan source of high amounts of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and proteins such as tryptophan, arginine, glutamic, aspartic acid, and many others. The vitamins in the hulled hemp seed include vitamins A, C, E, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin, to name a few.

In fact, by ingesting a 100-gram portion of hemp seed, you can get 64% of the daily protein needed for a healthy adult plus 20% of the dietary fiber recommendation. That is certainly another reason to add it to your daily habits.

Organic hemp food recipes are versatile and delicious

Most hemp food recipes use plant seeds, which have a mild nutty flavor, are crunchy, and have a creamy texture. For instance, add grated hemp seeds to your morning granola or salad or blend them with your fruit smoothie or hummus.

Homemade hemp milk is seamless to prepare as it doesn’t require that the seeds are previously soaked, that the mixture is heated, or that the milk is strained when done. Just blending half a cup of the seeds with three cups of cold filtered water should give you creamy and tasty vegan milk to use in any recipe. You can add the homemade hemp milk to your smoothie, to any cake recipe, to your cereal or granola, or even drink it with your favorite coffee.

jar hemp milk
organic hemp milk is one of many uses of hemp

Choosing organic is the best for you and your family

To be considered organic food, hemp should be harvested, observing specific standards and practices. They include proper crop rotation, the use of organic seeds, and proper management of pests, weeds, and diseases. The soil fertility and the identity and integrity of the organic crops are also essential.

Choosing an organic product is crucial. Hemp cleans the soil absorbing metals and other toxic substances. Therefore, the ground must be pure so these substances don’t affect the final product and your health. Organic certification helps you make sure to be purchasing a product that is safe for your body and without any harmful substances.


After reading all these facts about organic hemp food, you may even think that the ‘superfood’ term is perhaps an understatement to all the possibilities and benefits of hemp. Whether you have a vegan diet or enjoy trying new healthy things, adding hemp to your daily meals can be a healthy and delicious choice.