Looking for Soft, Clear Skin? Have You Tried Hemp Soap?

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With growing concerns of harmful ingredients such as sulfates and parabens in synthetic soap, more consumers are turning to organic soap. The increased awareness toward environment conservation by reducing the impact of harsh chemicals have fueled the market growth of organic soap.

It’s estimated that the global organic soap market will increase by over 7% between 2020 and 2025. One of the major players in this market that has gained tremendous popularity over the last few years is hemp soap – and it’s pretty clear to see why.

Hemp soap is a great way to treat and care for your skin naturally and inexpensively. It’s known to be gentle on sensitive skin and help in the treatment of various skin conditions such as eczema and acne. 

6 Benefits of Using Hemp Soap You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

Usually, hemp bar soap is made from all-natural products including – hemp oil, lye (caustic soda), distilled water, essential oils (such as palm, castor, coconut, olive, canola, and sunflower oils), fragrances, and natural dye.

Some of the main health benefits of hemp soap include:

1. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Hemp soap is rich in phytochemicals that have antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Research shows that these properties are important for soothing irritated skin as well as clearing acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, or rosacea. What’s more, the soap acts as a gentle cleanser that leaves your skin with a glowing complexion.

2. Anti-Aging Properties

Hemp soap can be used by both adults and children alike. It contains essential fatty acids that slow down the oxidation caused by free radicals, leaving you with smooth skin that keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

3. Moisturizing Properties

One of the main benefits of using hemp soap over synthetic soap is that it doesn’t strip your skin of natural oils. This allows your skin to be highly moisturized all day long, reducing skin breakouts. With organic hemp soap, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on costly moisturizers.

4. Organic and Safe

Unlike most anti-fungal and anti-bacterial soaps in the market, hemp soap doesn’t contain any triclosan (an agent known to cause dry skin and inflammation). According to a 2018 study, Triclosan increases the rates of colon cancer and colitis.

Even though the FDA has banned the use of triclosan in soaps, a survey found that 75% of urine samples from American adults had traces of the agent. Hemp soap is all organic, eliminating the risk of introducing harmful agents to your body.

5. Suitable for Shaving

Hemp soap can act as a shaving cream or gel because it lathers easily and provides adequate lubrication. This not only gives you a clean, contaminant-free shave but also makes your razor last longer.

6. Protects from Sunburns

Hemp seed oil used in hemp soap has a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 6. This means when you use hemp soap regularly, it can help deflect harmful UV rays without affecting the absorption of vitamin D.

Achieve a Plumper, Smoother Skin with Hemp Soap

If you’re want to start using more organic skincare products, hemp soap should be a good place to start. It contains all the essential elements to make your skin look younger and eliminate any blemishes.

Have you used hemp soap before? What has been the outcome?

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