How to Make Hemp Milk

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The industrial hemp plant is a wonder plant. Its leaves, flowers, seeds, and stalk have commercial and domestic significance. Its stalk is an industrial raw material for making paint, plastics, clothing, ropes, and paper, among other products. While the seeds are used as food for humans and animals

The leaves and flowers are medicinal; for making CBD oil. In this article, we will narrow down the use of hemp seeds for making hemp milk.

What is Hemp Milk?

Produced from whole hemp seeds, hearts, or protein, hemp milk is plant-based milk suitable for vegans and vegetarians. There are also sporadic cases of hemp allergy or danger.

It is ideal for individuals with various allergies because it is free from gluten, lactose, and soy. You can use it as an alternative to cow’s, goat’s, or other plant-based milk like almond, coconut, rice, or soy milk.

How to Make Hemp Milk

Ingredients and Required Items

  • A blender
  • A jar with a lid
  • A cheesecloth for sieving
  • A half a cup of hemp whole seeds shelled hemp seeds or hemp protein powder
  • Four cups of water
  • To prepare hemp milk at home, blend whole hemp seeds, shelled hemp seeds or hemp protein powder with water. Shelled hemp seeds are often referred to as hemp hearts.
  • You can choose to use the milk without sieving it which will give it a thick texture.
  • For sieving, use the cheesecloth to remove seed pulp.

Sometimes the milk is made from hemp protein powder even though it may not be as rich as hemp milk from hemp whole seeds. This is because hemp protein powder comes from seeds whose oil has been extracted. What remains is milled into hemp protein powder.

If you strain the milk, keep the hemp seed pulp which you can use in your garden as compost or for indoor plants. Alternatively, you can mix the pulp with other ingredients and make a skin mask or body scrub.

Hemp Milk Uses

The milk resembles dairy milk in color and texture. However, since hemp seeds are nuts, the milk has a nutty and earthy flavor. The milk also has a creamy consistency.

There are various ways you can consume the milk in your diet. You can drink plain hemp milk or you can add sweeteners or flavors. You can add it to your cereal too. Besides that, you can use the drink to prepare hot beverages like coffee, lattes, cocoa, cappuccinos or tea. Because of its creamy texture, it makes perfect cappuccinos and lattes since the milk doesn’t split. You can also make various hemp milk recipes, including making smoothies, yogurt, and cakes. The drink can also be added to soups to enhance creaminess.

When you prepare hemp milk at home, you have control over the ingredients you will use. Some commercial brands have thickeners, sweeteners, salt, and other ingredients you may not like.


1. Rich in Protein, Vitamins, and Minerals

Hemp milk is rich in many nutrients. It is a good source of healthy fats and an alternative to regular milk. The milk contains various minerals and vitamins, including Omega-3 fatty acids, Omega-6 fatty acids, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and riboflavin.

In addition, the milk contains Folic acid, Zinc, Iron, and Magnesium, and Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, and Vitamin D. Besides; the drink is free from cholesterol and low in saturated fats.

2. A Complete Protein Source

A protein-rich food contains various amino acids. Hemp milk has all ten essential amino acids, containing about four grams of digestible protein each cup. Essential amino acids are proteins the body requires, yet the body cannot produce others.

Whereas animal proteins provide all the essential amino acids, plant protein sources do not. However, animal proteins are not so healthy because they contain cholesterol and high saturated fats; associated with various health conditions.

Milk is a complete protein source, although the protein amounts are low. A cup of dairy milk contains 9.7 grams of protein, while a cup of hemp milk contains only 4.7 grams. Protein promotes healthy tissues, muscles, and skin.


First, the milk comes from the industrial hemp plant’s seeds, which is an eco-friendly plant. Growing the industrial hemp plant requires few pesticides and little water, making it a sustainable plant.

Another thing is that milk has no psychoactive effect. Hemp is a different plant from marijuana, although they belong to the same family of plants. Hemp milk is derived from the industrial hemp plant, which is legally controlled and must have less than 0.3% THC. THC is a compound that causes a psychoactive effect. Moreover, the seeds of the industrial hemp plant contain zero THC. Therefore, taking the milk will not cause you to get high or fail a drug test.

In addition, the drink has no cannabidiol (CBD) because it is extracted from the seeds and not the flowers or leaves of the plant. CBD is a medicinal compound that helps with stress and anxiety health conditions. That said, hemp is astonishingly nutritious, offering various health benefits to your body, as discussed below.

1. Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

The high amounts of amino acids in hemp and polyunsaturated fats promote various bodily functions, including brain functions and a healthy heart. Hemp milk is rich in gamma-linolenic (GLA) and arginine acids, which are associated with promoting a healthy heart by reducing blood pressure. After all, it is free from cholesterol and saturated fats.

2. Minimizes Skin Disorders While Promoting Nails and Hair Growth

A healthy immune system promotes healthy skin. The milk is rich in hemp oil, which helps to relieve various skin conditions, including allergic reactions, skin itchiness, and dry skin conditions. GLA promotes the growth of healthy skin, hair, and nails.

3. Reducing Symptoms of Menopause and PMS

The gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) in hemp seeds has been linked with reducing symptoms of menopause and PMS. As a rich source of magnesium, hemp milk reduces PMS symptoms by helping muscles in the body relax. The drink is also rich in anti-aging antioxidants like vitamin E.

4. Joint Repair and Muscle Health

The milk is rich in omega-3 acids, essential for muscle and joint repair.

Pros and Cons of Hemp Milk

Hemp milk is a non-dairy alternative to cow’s milk from hemp seeds. Some potential pros and cons of consuming hemp milk:

Hemp Milk Pros:

1. Nutritious: Hemp milk contains vitamins and minerals, including calcium, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids.

2. Vegan-friendly: Hemp milk is a plant-based alternative to cow’s milk, making it suitable for vegans and people with lactose intolerance or milk allergies.

3. Sustainable: Hemp is a fast-growing and environmentally friendly crop that uses less water and pesticides than other crops for milk production.

4. Low allergenic: Hemp milk is free from common allergens like soy, nuts, and gluten.

Hemp Milk Cons:

1. Low protein: Unlike cow’s milk, hemp milk is lower protein. However, some brands of hemp milk are fortified with extra protein.

2. Nutty taste: Some people may find the nutty flavor of hemp milk unappealing, especially when compared to the mild taste of cow’s milk.

3. Price: Hemp milk can be more expensive than other non-dairy milk alternatives.

4. Availability: Hemp milk may not be as widely available in grocery stores as other non-dairy milk alternatives.

It’s important to note that individual experiences and nutritional needs may vary, so it’s always very important to talk to a healthcare professional or registered dietitian to determine if hemp milk is a good choice for you.

Where To Buy Hemp Milk

Since the legalization of the farming of the industrial hemp plant through the 2018 hemp farm bill, the popularity of hemp derivatives, including milk, is growing across the USA and globally. You can shop for the milk in a local whole foods store or online.