Celebrate International Hemp Day

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What is International Hemp Day? Well, let’s start from the beginning.

International Hemp Day globe
Hemp globe

Hemp is thousands of years old. There is irrefutable evidence of cannabis and hemp use from all kinds of cultures and civilizations that date back to 6,000 years. Humans have been using it for food, clothing, medicine, and many other uses. It’s no wonder it’s making a comeback in our modern era. Why not give this glorious plant its particular day of celebration and honor? Well, that’s precisely what April 21st is about. 

Say hello to International Hemp Day! 

When is International Hemp Day?

International Hemp Day calendar
 4/21 Calendar

International hemp day has been appropriately placed between Cannabis national day (April 20th) and Earth Day (April 22nd). What is more, fitting than celebrating the most versatile plant between these two days?

Hemp, as you may know, is the form of Cannabis sativa that allows for dozens of different industrial use cases like fibers, fuels, and, more recently, a sustainable concrete replacement known as “hempcrete.”

A few years ago, International Hemp Day was celebrated by a few yet passionate hemp producers and enthusiasts. With the recent boom in the hemp industry, more and more are realizing the importance of this plant. The broader awareness is rapidly growing due to this current boom and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Why Celebrate Hemp?

 international hemp day girl holding hemp leaf
Holding hemp leaf

If you’ve never touched hemp in your life, think again. 

Most likely, you’ve been near hemp when you’re out and about during your regular shopping routine.

Plenty of beauty products include hemp in their formulas, but it might not be so apparent from the packaging.

Hemp has anti-aging properties and fights inflammation. It does wonders for your skin, especially if you suffer from chronic dryness or redness.

When you needed some fashionable new clothing, more than likely, your hand brushed up against a shirt that was partially or entirely hemp-derived.

Soon enough, your house’s foundation and infrastructure will be built using “hempcrete” instead of concrete!

Why celebrate International Hemp Day? If you’re from the U.S., you should know that during WWII, hemp was promoted to farmers by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to support our troops at war.

There are PLENTY of reasons to celebrate hemp. It’s all around us and will only increase as the hemp industry matures.

Who Celebrates International Hemp Day?

 Hemp Day people waving hemp flag
People waving hemp flag

There are enthusiasts of all sorts that celebrate cannabis and hemp. Let’s take, for example, the people celebrating International Cannabis Day (4/20) and Earth Day. The first group of people loved cannabis for what I would hope is an apparent reason. While cannabis comes with its medicinal properties, it is hemp that genuinely brings the majority of medicinal properties to the forefront. We all know that cannabis enthusiasts have been pro-hemp for quite some time. You could say that celebrators of 4/20 have helped pave the way for hemp and cannabis.

The day after International Hemp Day is Earth Day. The individuals who celebrate Earth Day understand that the planet and environment are very importaessentialrotect and celebrate. If you have friends celebrating Earth Day and pull them aside, tell them about International Hemp Day! These are the people who are most likely to celebrate international hemp day.

How to celebrate it?

 International Hemp Day colorful hemp caps
Colorful hemp caps

So, how does one properly celebrate this special day?

If you have any hemp clothing, then wear it! If you don’t, then go out and find some! Ideally, you should find a local/small business to support by purchasing artisan hemp wear. This way, you can support your community while celebrating a more sustainable fiber: hemp!

Give the gift of hemp to someone close to you. We all have friends or family that could probably use some CBD; they don’t know it yet. Nothing makes a more excellent gift than relief from chronic pain and a natural sleep aid. Plus, who doesn’t like chocolate, gummies, or feeling great?

Are you having difficulty finding others to celebrate with? Be the first to start the International Hemp Day meetup!

You can be sure you’re not the only one looking to celebrate the festivities. Use tools like Social Media Groups and Meetup to initiate the first meeting with others. Bring a banner made entirely out of hemp! Bring some hemp-based food dishes for others to enjoy, like hemp seed salad! Hemp seed contains nutrients, including magnesium which is challenging to get in our regular diets. There’s nothing better than a celebration with plenty of healthy food. 

If you’re trying to go the extra mile, try rolling up to the party in your vehicle fueled by hemp biodiesel! Nothing will incite more questions and conversations than a car powered by this unique plant!


Even though the more extensive populace is rediscovering hemp (partially due to the legislation changing worldwide, we have seen International Hemp Day celebrated for at least a decade, if not more.

People interested in hemp’s various uses and potential benefits may observe the day in their way, such as by sharing information about hemp or participating in events related to hemp. Some hemp advocates use the day to raise awareness about the plant and its potential applications in medicine, textiles, food, and other areas.

Now, it’s becoming so widespread that with enough time, we’ll see this holiday celebrated alongside Cannabis national day and Earth Day like it was always there.

Be a part of the movement changing the world as we know it. Hemp transforms plastics, medicine, food, clothing, fuel, mortar, etc. Almost no industry won’t be affected by the hemp movement. 

Whether or not you join in and celebrate hemp, this unique plant and its various uses are, without question, here to stay.