The Benefits of Using Hemp Wick

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There are other ways of lighting your buds than using butane lighter or matches. You can use a hemp wick. Hemp wicks provide an awesome way to spark your herb bowl, enhancing your smoking experience.  It is an eco-friendly and healthier way to enjoy your herb, notwithstanding, it makes your herb taste better. What’s more, it extends the lifespan of the lighter.

Hemp wicks have been around for a while. A hemp wick resembles the hemp twine used to make necklaces. However, the difference is fortification with mild beeswax which has a mild aroma.

What is Hemp Wick?

As mentioned above, a hemp wick is basically a piece of hemp twine coated with beeswax. You can liken it to a slow-burning candlewick.

How are hemp wicks made? Hemp wick is made from hemp fiber extract from the outer bark (bast fiber) of the industrial hemp. To make hemp wick, twist together hemp fiber to form a hemp twine, then dip it in beeswax to make it burnable.

Hemp wicks are available in different lengths varying from 50 ft up to 420 ft in various online outlets or shops. Some online shops sell the wicks with hemp lighter for your convenience. In fact, you can buy hemp wick conveniently when buying your herb because they are available online or in cannabis dispensaries. A small bundle goes for a dollar or two.

How to Use Hemp Wick

You can use hemp wicks for lighting bowls, bongs, and joints. You can use a lighter or matches to light it. Then burn your herb, when you are done, simply blow it out. To extinguish it, you can also shake it or you can wet your hands and then press the burning end between two fingers.

Worth noting, you can carry hemp wicks conveniently. The beeswax makes it have a slight stickiness which can allow you to make a small bundle for carrying. Also, to make it accessible and ready when you need it, you can wrap it around your bowl or lighter. The stickiness of the wax makes it stick to your lighter or bowl. But if that won’t work for you, there are products you can buy that make dispensing hemp wicks convenient.

Why Use Hemp Wick?

1.      A renewable resource derivative

Hemp fiber

Why all the hype about hemp and now hemp wicks? This is because hemp wick is organic and comes from a renewable resource. Made from hemp fiber, it also contains beeswax, which is another natural product. The industrial hemp plant is an annual crop that takes about three months to reach maturity. This makes it a renewable resource because it doesn’t take ages to grow like forest trees. Contrarily, a lighter contains butane gas manufactured from petroleum. Petroleum is not abundant. It is available in only some parts of the world and in limited quantities making it a non-renewable resource.

2.      Mild Aroma unlike lighters

Hemp is an herb but has far less THC amounts than marijuana. When you burn the wick, the smell is pleasant and adds to your overall herb experience. This is also because of the aroma of the beeswax. This is unlike a lighter that can slightly alter the flavor of your herb. Although butane has a faint odor, it adds up when left burning for extended periods of time.

3.      Buds taste better at a hemp wick’s low temperatures

Hemp wicks burn at a lower temperature than butane. This is because the wicks have beeswax which usually burns slowly. Butane being a gas burns at quite a high temperature. As such, when using a lighter, you expose your herb to high temperatures forcing them to burn faster than when using a hemp wick. So, using hemp wicks makes you enjoy smoother and cooler tokes.

4.      Healthier Way to Enjoy Your Cannabis

Your lungs are better off inhaling hemp than butane gas. When you use a lighter, you burn butane gases, a process that releases toxic gases due to combustion. Consequently, you inhale your herb and harmful gases too into your lungs. With a hemp wick, you will burn and inhale hemp plus your herb. Therefore, using hemp spares your lungs from inhaling poisonous fumes.

Let me explain this point. A lighter produces a colorless gas and a faint odor that almost goes unnoticed. Considered low-toxicity, butane gas can get toxic if burned for extended periods of time and get exposed to it. Inhaling the gas exposes your lungs to the poisonous gases which is a health risk. This can lead to the development of various ailments. Besides, when your herb is burned at very high temperatures, you risk destroying the naturally occurring cannabinoids found in your herb. Which doesn’t make sense, does it? Because the whole point of taking buds is to enjoy the experience while enhancing your health with cannabinoids. Cannabinoids can help you to overcome stress, anxiety and other health conditions.

5.      Butane has High toxicity when burned for long

A lighter has butane gas and potassium chlorate. When you light it, it burns the contents which release toxic gases, namely carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases. The poisonous gases are responsible for global warming and climate change. On the other hand, hemp helps in environmental conservation.

6.      Hemp Wicks are Cheaper than Butane Lighters

A little saving can go a long way, right? Hemp wicks are more affordable than butane lighters. Although the little savings may not make sense in the short run, that is one day, they add up in the long run.


When you use a hemp wick to burn your buds, you are igniting a herb to burn another herb and not dealing with any fossil-based fuel product. The wicks are a much better way to light your pipe in comparison to butane lighter or matches. Hemp wicks are plant-based twines produced from hemp fiber, and contain beeswax. If you have never tried hemp wicks, you could start with the smallest length and see how it goes. You really have nothing to lose.