Hemp Food Products: Delicious And Healthy Ways You Can Include Them In Your Diet

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healthy hemp salad

Hemp food products are getting considerable attention from doctors, nutritionists, and healthy food experts. The food products derived from the hemp seeds are an excellent supplement known to be extremely rich in protein, essential fatty acids, and minerals. Growing hemp for food and other industrial uses is entirely legal in many countries and states.

Although most people may be aware of why organic hemp food is the ultimate healthy trend, not everyone is familiar with how versatile and tasty this ingredient really is. So, read on to find some of the best and easiest hemp seeds and hemp oil food recipes to include this ingredient in your diet.

healthy hemp hearts

Hemp hearts can be added to any food recipe

What is hemp seed?

Besides being an excellent source of protein, with 10g of easily digestible protein with all the essential amino acids, hemp seeds are also considered very safe for consumption. And there’s absolutely no reason to fear failing a drug test or getting “high”. Although the plants belong to the same genus, the species considered hemp are not the same as the cannabis plants harvested for recreative or medicinal use, since hemp can only contain a small percentage of THC. Growing hemp for food demands that the psychoactive ingredient of cannabis is present in trace amounts (under 0.3%), and this quantity is absolutely harmless.

Hemp seeds are an excellent source of minerals including iron, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, and zinc. The entire hemp seed can be eaten; however, the outer shells can be hard to crack open, so the most common option used and sold in grocery stores is the hulled hemp seed, also called the hemp heart.

The two types of proteins in hemp albumin and edestin are extremely easy to digest, decreasing the risk of allergies. This fact also makes hemp seeds a tasty and safer protein option for people who suffer from nut allergies. However, people who are allergic to other cannabis products or have severe allergies must be extra careful and consult with their doctor before adding it to their diets.

What is hemp seed oil?

The hemp seed oil is obtained by cold pressing the hemp seeds, and it’s also a very nutritious hemp food product. Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil contain an Omega-6 and Omega-3 ratio between 4:1 to 3:1, and the oil is rich in Vitamin E. A balanced ratio of the essential fatty acids is essential for good health and weight control. Compared to other cold-pressed oils, such as olive oil, this dark green oil has less saturated fat. Although hemp oil food recipes cannot have any process of frying or cooking, its benefits can complement the ones from hemp seeds, and both can be seamlessly added to your daily diet.

hemp oil

The cold-pressed hemp seed oil has a dark green color

Hemp hearts and hemp oil food recipes

Flavored hemp milk and coffee latte

If you’re looking for healthy and easy ways to substitute dairy products, hemp milk is a delicious option and an optimal source of zinc for vegans. Of course, you can buy hemp milk, but the homemade version is fresh, have more nutrients, and can be a bit cheaper. Get your blender and put half a cup of hemp seeds, half a teaspoon of vanilla bean powder, a pinch of Himalayan sea salt, and three to four cups of mineral or filtered water. Blend all the ingredients for around a minute or until they’re mixed, smooth, and creamy. If you choose to strain the milk, you can use the residue to make cookies, protein balls, or cakes.

For a different flavor, you can add two pitted dates, ground cinnamon, or cocoa powder. For a rocket fuel latte, blend about 10 oz brewed coffee, add the hemp milk, one tablespoon of hemp oil, and, if you wish, two drops of stevia.

Shakes and Smoothies

Hemp food products are so versatile that you can add them to any meal, including shakes, smoothies, and many other hemp oil food recipes. An excellent option for a healthy breakfast could be blending a teaspoon of the hemp oil with hemp milk, add bananas or strawberries, and sprinkle some hemp hearts on top of it for a crunchy and nutty flavor.

hemp milk smoothie

Hemp milk smoothie with hemp hearts sprinkled over it

A tasty and crunchy salad

You can make a crispy salad with arugula, quick-peas, pistachios, hemp hearts, and your favorite fruit like figs or mangos. Use a blender or a food processor to create a delicious salad dressing: add ½ jalapeno or your favorite pepper, one garlic clove, one lime juiced, a pinch of salt, ½ cup of fresh cilantro, and 1/3 cup of hemp oil. You can also make a tasty marinade mixing ½ cup of hemp oil, two teaspoons of red curry paste, two teaspoons of soy sauce, and one garlic clove.

Because of the fresh leaves, this salad may not taste that good if kept in the fridge, so make sure to eat it right away. If you want to prepare it to consume later, keep the seasoning apart, and only add it when you’re about to eat it. You can preserve the seasoning in the fridge in an airtight container for up to 3 days.

Add hemp food products to your daily diet

There are numerous benefits of adding hemp seeds and oils to boost the protein content of your meals. Besides following these recipes that we shared, you can simply sprinkle the hearts over a salad or fruit, or season them with the hemp seed oil. Make sure to choose organic versions of the hemp products since those come from people who are growing hemp for food purposes.