Amidst an Outbreak, The Hemp Industry Will Boom

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Even though we can’t predict what the economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic will be, there is one certain thing: it comes with bright opportunities for the hemp industry. Although it is an uncertain scenario and the industry won’t be immune to it, it seems to us that it is the door to creation. The germ of the possibility to find the best approach and face the market effects that are about to come. There is no need to try to numb, pause, or cover the vulnerability. We’re being vulnerable, let’s embrace it, let’s give it room, let’s hear it. By doing so, we will be finally able to work out the best solution to handle it.

We are doing everything from our side to continue supporting the hemp industry and we’re sure not going to let this break us! We hope that it will have the same effect on the rest of the industry and that all who are reading this get involved from every possible angle. It is time to reinvent ourselves and move our hemp forward with much more force. It is the perfect time to show what we are made of and the benefits industrial hemp could bring to the world.

How the Coronavirus Crisis Will Reshape The Hemp Industry

Thinking about what a global recession would mean for the world, it’s very appropriate to talk about how self-sustaining, homegrown commodities such as hemp would benefit every industry all around the world. It doesn’t mean that the pandemic won’t bring more challenges for hemp farmers but it’s certain that we are experiencing shortages in items such as medical stock and food but hemp, as a raw material, can be a solution to tackle such short supply.

How Can Hemp Can Save The Planet?

Hemp can be a differentiating factor amidst the pandemic. In order to get through this crisis, we need to put eco-friendly raw materials at the forefront of productions. Hemp, as raw material, as a product and as an industry has the power to benefit the environment and the ecosystem in a way that will bring economic, health and production advantages in a sustainable manner.

Most of the world isn’t aware of how hemp can save the planet, but we know this crop is full of potential to do so. Hemp crops can feed, clothe, heal and build the world in a greener, safer and healthier way. Nowadays, when the market relies on synthetic products that consume a big part of our natural resources, hemp has come up to change that scenario. It can be used in many industries and is capable of producing vital resources while preventing deforestation, carbon emissions and supporting sustainable farming practices.

Being part of the hemp industry is not just about growing a profitable crop but also about the possibility to make the world more habitable for years to come. That’s what we do and what we’ll continue doing. While we’re experimenting worldwide economic lockdown, hemp is ready to become a billion-dollar crop. Let’s lead the economy to change in a way that is resilient. How can you help? Grow more hemp, harvest more hemp and buy more hemp products. It’s time for us to work together as a team and create awareness about what is hemp. We can’t let a bump in the road knock us down. Hemp is a versatile crop that can be grown as a renewable source.