Buying Guide: How To Buy CBD Hemp Oil Safely

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     If you have been tracking this miraculous plant, you may be excited about the use of hemp products and their benefits. However, because this industry is relatively new to regulatory agencies, there isn’t much clarity about quality and product standards for hemp products, especially when you’re looking to buy CBD hemp oil. There are hundreds of brands out there trying to capitalize on this fantastic trend, but since this market is not regulated, the quality of the products can vary immensely.

So how do you ensure you’re buying a good hemp oil CBD product? How do you buy CBD oil and provide the amount of CBD written on the label is accurate? Keep reading because, in this article, we’ll guide you to learn how to find the best products available without getting into any inconveniences.

Where Can You Buy CBD Oil? It Depends If It’s Legal Where You Live

When starting this search, the first question many people ask themselvesis, “where can you buy CBD oil”? Before starting your research to purchase the best CBD, you must be sure that this product is legal in your state or country. If it is not allowed, you may even find some products with labels saying it contains CBD, but it may not have any CBD. In the worst-case scenario, the supplement labeled as containing CBD may contain other undesired compounds such as THC, toxins, and other impurities.

And if you can buy CBD Hemp Oil of good quality from an online store or bring it from somewhere else, you may get in trouble with customs and lose it. If you live in a place where CBD and other hemp products are legal, you can easily find them at the local cannabis dispensary, at the health food store, or online. Generally, it’s recommended to prefer a product with clear labeling, with details about THC and CBD levels and amounts.

Can You Buy CBD Oil Online? Yes, But Pay Extra Attention

Many people are tempted to buy CBD hemp oil from an online marketplace such as Walmart or Amazon, but it is crucial to be extra cautious, watching out for product concentrations and labels. Although these products became legal in the U.S. after the Farm Bill was passed, many online marketplaces do not allow such supplements to be sold through their websites. Amazon, for example, prohibits the sale of CBD products, but you can find thousands of results if you search for CBD.

You can buy CBD hemp oil from your local dispensary or online marketplaces, but watch out for CBD concentrations

Since it is prohibited, if you buy these, you can find no CBD or CBD concentrations very far from the amount labeled, even for products with high ratings. Why does this happen? Many vendors found a loophole on those websites, where they sell products such as hemp seed oil (which has many benefits but does not contain CBD) and label it as CBD oil to get more sales since it’s a popular search query. So, can you buy CBD oil online? Yes, you may find good quality CBD oil from online marketplaces; thoroughly research the brand before buying it.

Look for third-party laboratory tested products

Laboratory tests are the only way you can ensure a product has the amounts of CBD it says on its label. And why does it need to be a third-party laboratory test? Third means that the laboratory is not affiliated with the manufacturer. This ensures the test results are independent and unbiased. Serious CBD brands will have no problem displaying these lab results on their website under quality control reports or lab results. Be sure to research and always reach out for more information if you need clarification on a particular brand.

But what to look for in these independent lab results? You should expect high levels of CBD (near the levels stated on the label), low levels of THC if it’s a CBD-only product, the presence of other cannabinoids if it’s a full spectrum product, and no toxins or impurities such as heavy metals, or chemical residues.

Research about the growing and extraction process for the product

Hemp is a unique crop, and one of the main characteristics of this plant is that it can clean the soil and remove toxins. This is good for the environment, but the hemp harvested in these soils is not recommended for human consumption as it can contain toxins (although it can be used for many products such as textiles, hempcrete, and hemp paper, among others). To avoid purchasing any product extracted from hemp grown in inappropriate soils, prefer those certified by the USDA or have the organic label.

The extraction processes used to get the compounds from the plant can also affect the final product. There are two main methods of CBD extraction: CO2 extraction and solvent extraction. Although both ways have their benefits, CO2 extraction is more expensive but can guarantee full spectrum CBD Oils and isolated CBD products. Solvent extraction is a cheaper method, and since there is no regulation on the solvents, it’s hard to know if the ones used are safe. An unreliable product extracted through this method can contain toxins and unwanted chemicals.

Get recommendations from people you trust

Before buying your first batch of CBD, other than following these guidelines, it’s crucial to get guidance from reliable sources and people that you trust for medical advice. Do some research on the internet, talk to your physician, and look for reviews. If you feel unsure about purchasing a product, don’t waste your money and put your health at risk.

No matter where you’re buying your CBD oil, it is vital to get a good quality and reliable product. We hope this article was helpful in helping you find the best CBD Oil to buy.

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