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hemp as a renewable energy source

Can We Use Hemp as a Renewable Energy Source?

Hemp is the common name for the botanical class of plants Cannabis sativa. Around the world, people grow hemp for a wide variety of industrial and medicinal uses. Hemp is one of the oldest spun fiber plant sources, with a record of use dating back 50,000 years. In addition to clothing fiber, hemp can also [...]

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hemp hearts benefits

6 Hemp Hearts Benefits You Don’t Want to Forego

Did you know that (in case of a food emergency) you can survive on hemp hearts alone? Yes, you read that right. Hemp hearts are superfoods that contain all the essential nutrients and minerals the human body needs. They’re a little different from hemp seeds. Hemp seeds refer to the whole seed with the exterior [...]

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hemp flour header

Hemp Flour Flavor, Texture, and Uses: Everything You Need to Know

Hemp protein has increasingly become a health trend in the past few years after the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. In fact, hemp flour – a powdered form of hemp protein – has been a popular option for individuals with gluten intolerance. With the hemp protein market expected to grow at a CAGR of [...]

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hemp blankets header

Too Cold to Sleep? Here’s Why You Need Hemp Blankets

According to a study by Sleep Medicine, people who use high quality weighted blankets reported having better sleep and feeling refreshed the next morning. Today, there are tons of different types of blankets in the market, which makes shopping for one really difficult. Besides keeping you warm throughout the night, you need to make sure [...]

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hemp diaper header

Your Ultimate Guide to Hemp Diapers

When you think of cloth diapers, that first thing that comes to mind is down-and-dirty cotton diapers with safety pins. At least that’s how they looked like back in the day. Today, the reusable cloth diaper market is saturated with dozens of options and materials to ensure your baby has a cozy and eco-friendly experience. [...]

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hemp bath bombs header

Hemp Bath Bombs: Is This the Best Way to Relax?

It’s estimated that 44% of Americans suffer from moderate to high stress, and this number keeps rising every year. While over-the-counter antidepressants work, they do come with some negative side effects, especially when used for a long time. This is why natural remedies for stress are always recommended. One of the effective ways of relaxing [...]

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hemp cheese blog header

Can Hemp Cheese Replace Dairy Cheese? Here’s What You Need to Know

A recent study shows that about 48% of consumers prefer organic food over GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Plus, with athletes and celebrities increasingly endorsing organic plant-based foods, hemp milk products have taken the organic food market by storm.  Hemp cheese has become a popular choice due to its non-dairy properties and [...]

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hemp protein powder header

Everything You Need to Know About Hemp Protein Powder and Its Benefits

A research showed that the global market of hemp protein powder was estimated at $558,000 in 2018 and has steadily grown ever since. Hemp powder is one of the most nutritious and beneficial proteins in the market, especially for vegetarians and vegans. Unfortunately, a lot of misinformation and confusion surround hemp protein powder. Is hemp [...]

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hemp gloves

Warm Up Your Hands with Eco-Friendly Hemp Gloves

It’s the only plant on earth that can feed us, house us, clothe us, treat us, and protect the environment for a more sustainable future. With more than 25,000+ uses, the hemp plant can support humanity in almost every aspect. Today, hemp is still a crucial part of human life. It has prowled in different [...]

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Are Hemp Oil Benefits Real? Here Are What Studies Say

In today’s world of online marketing, many brands appear to be clueless on how to convey their messages to their target audience. Either that or they’re just deliberately cunning. Unfortunately, the hemp industry isn’t an exception. When you search for “hemp oil benefits”, you’ll find a lot of hemp products with different health claims [...]

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hemp towels

What are Hemp Towels? Here’s Everything to Know

Are you in need of a quick-drying towel that dries you off fast every time you step out of the water? Looking for towels with ultra-absorbent fabric? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then it’s time you tried out hemp towels. Hemp towels offer superior quality with every wash. The fabric [...]

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hemp body butter header

Everything You Need to Know About Hemp Body Butter

Are you struggling with dry skin? Have you tried everything including shea butter to no avail? Your skincare products could be the problem. Many body lotions in the market contain harmful ingredients like retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, alcohol, and salicylic acid, which may cause skin peeling, itching, irritation, and redness. This calls for [...]

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hemp shampoo and conditioner header

Get Clean, Healthy Hair with Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner

According to a survey by the Statista Research Department, over 52% of Americans prefer shampoos from organic and natural raw materials. As a result, hair products that use natural oils, such as hemp shampoos and conditioners, are becoming more popular in the beauty world. But what is hemp shampoo and conditioner? These are botanical, all-natural [...]

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hemp muesli

Kickstart Your Day with a Bowl of Tasty Hemp Muesli

With the legalization of hemp in the 2018 Farm Bill, the hemp foods market has grown steadily and will have a market value of about $7.08 billion by 2027. While the thought of eating hemp foods may seem strange at first, once you figure out its nutritious value, you’ll start adding hemp to every food [...]

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Hemp Oil for Dogs: Every Question You Need Answered

What do you do when your furry friend becomes sick, overprotective with the baby, or just won’t stop barking at an old friend? Research has it that dogs are more vicious when uncomfortable or in pain. You need a solution to this and fast! When looking for treatment options for your dog, hemp oil may [...]

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hemp gummies

Hemp Gummies: A Healthy Way to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Do you love gummies? Do you restrict yourself from taking too much because they contain too much sugar? Well, there’s now a tastier, healthier alternative – hemp gummies. These gummies are pretty much similar to the traditional gummies. However, they have a special ingredient from the hemp plant. Hemp gummies are a natural snack that [...]

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hemp oil for pain

Hemp Oil for Pain: Does It Actually Do Anything?

More than half of Americans experience recurrent pain, which interferes with their daily work and activities. Among this population, 19% live with chronic pain, and 6% of them report using hemp oil for pain. But does hemp oil really work or is it just one of the many marketing gimmicks? Let’s find out, shall we? [...]

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hemp granola

Try a Protein-Packed, Gluten-Free, Healthy Hemp Granola

Hemp-infused snacks have become increasingly popular among health-conscious individuals. Many consumers have incorporated hemp into their workout recovery snacks or evening snacks to facilitate their health regimen. With the global hemp-based food market expected to grow at a CAGR of about 6.2% and reach $4.89 billion by 2026, it’s no wonder [...]

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buy hemp oil

Your Ultimate Guide on How to Buy Hemp Oil

According to a 2018 study, about 62% of cannabis users use CBD-based products to treat a medical condition. Hemp oil was one of the most popular CBD products in this regard. Hemp oil refers to the full-spectrum oil from the hemp plant parts like the stalk, flowers, and leaves. It can also be extracted from [...]

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hemp pasta

Have You Tried Hemp Pasta? Here’s Everything to Know

When you think of Italian food, pasta is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Pasta can be made in various shapes and include various ingredients. One pasta recipe that’s quickly gaining traction is hemp pasta. Have you tried it? If not, you’re missing out. While traditional pasta is high in starch and carbohydrates, [...]

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hemp jeans

Hemp Jeans are Here! Fashion is Getting More Sustainable

Hemp fabrics are gaining a lot of traction in the fashion industry. With the fashion industry earning a bad reputation for being the second most polluting industry globally and consumers demanding more sustainable and eco-friendly fashion trends – this popularity is justified. Today, more and more fashion brands are opting to use hemp fiber to [...]

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