Birthday Gift Ideas for Hemp Lovers

Hemp Birthday Gift

The industrial hemp plant represents several things including nutrition, innovation, history and civilization and the future of a pollution-free planet. What better way to celebrate a supporter or non-supporter of hemp than getting them a hemp gift pack? There are numerous hemp gifts ideas to choose from. If you need the products in large quantities to give to your many friends celebrating their birthdays this year then you can consider hemp wholesale products.

When hemp shopping, especially the purchase of the CBD oil and hemp seed oil, ensure you seek a reputable seller. Here are eight hemp gift ideas that you can consider and will wow hemp lovers.

  1. Hemp Hair Care Gift Pack Set

A set of three hair care items that are derived from hemp will make a good birthday gift to a friend or loved one. The set can include hemp oil, hemp shampoo and hemp hair conditioner.

2. Hemp Skin Care Gift Pack

A hemp lover will cherish hemp skin care products because of the benefits the products have. Hemp oil is a great moisturizer and cleanser. Hemp-derived products have been proven to treat acne and dermatitis. In addition, hemp oil reverses the effects of aging. In your hemp skin care gift set, you can include a pack of hemp bar, hemp oil, hemp lotion, hemp sunscreen, shaving cream, hemp body wash, hemp lip balm, hemp face and eye creams, hemp facial creams to name but some.

3. Hemp Clothing, Shoes and Sandals

Manufacturing hemp-derived products including jewelry, shoes and hemp clothing promotes a sustainable earth because of the properties in industrial hemp. The hemp material is moisture wicking, strong and has antimicrobial properties. It is also has thermal regulation properties. There are many products that can make perfect birthday gifts including hemp sandals, shoes, shirts, jeans, socks, belt, scarf, hemp hats, and a hemp beanie among other hemp products available in the market.

4. Hemp-derived Foods

Surprise your friend or loved one by getting them hemp-induced alcohol. You can buy beer, wine, gin, vodka, rum among other drinks. There are also drinks that are non-alcoholic yet hemp-induced and can make great gifts for non-alcoholics. Other hemp induced foods you can consider include hemp teas, hemp oil, CBD oil, and hemp coffee.

5. A Hemp Wallet

You don’t have to think too hard when looking for a birthday gift. A wallet is one item that any male friend will appreciate and put it into good use. More so, the wallets are unique and there are various designs and colors to choose from.

6. Hemp Jewelry

If your idea of a birthday gift is a durable, then a hemp jewelry set will make a perfect hemp birthday idea. You can buy Hemp bracelets and other jewelry from various dealers.

7. A Hemp Note Book and a Pen

There are manufacturers of hemp pens and notebooks. The same will be greatly appreciated by a hemp lover. The designs in the market are beautiful and unique.

8. Hemp Bedroom and Bathroom Essentials

A bedding set will also make a great birthday present to a friend or loved one, especially if they need them. You can get hemp bed sheets, a blanket, a hemp robe and a hemp towel.


Whether your friend who is soon celebrating their birthday is a male or female, hemp-derived products has it all covered. There are many hemp products to suit varying tastes and preferences. The advantage of hemp products is that the products are durable and can also be given to friends who have little knowledge about hemp.

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