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What is Hemp provides useful information about hemp related-businesses, regulations, and farming processes in order to cut through the general confusion and misinformation with straightforward, expert-reviewed, person-first experiences data. No matter how long the process to create hemp awareness will be, we will support the industry! The hemp industry is managing to become well-known all over the world and we’re finally showing the huge impact hemp can make to the planet.

If you are interested in getting your company in front of the hemp market, contact us or shoot an email to our team so we can help you work out the best alternative for your business.

Let us know in which kind of advertising services you are interested:

  • Affiliate Marketing: It’s an inexpensive way of advertising your products and services within What Is Hemp site. It will increase your digital exposure while improving your product conversion rates by leveraging our highly targeted website traffic. Through Affiliate Marketing services you can promote your products and services to our large hemp-audience using contextual affiliate links.

  • Advertising: There’s a wide range of digital ads that can be added within our site, you will choose the one which fits your needs the better. We have options to display banners of your product within several different pages of our website.

    With any of the advertising mentioned above, we will keep tracking the statistics such as impressions, clicks and visualizations to know the performance and the outreach of your ads.

  • Get Product Reviews: Our hemp-expert team is able to create a detailed review of those products or services which falls within our niche. We will make sure to tell our readers in an articulated way why they would benefit from purchasing what you’re promoting. It would be useful if you’re looking for a way to improve your conversion rates.