About What is Hemp

Whatishemp.com is the epitome for everything that involves hemp.  We created this site for the purpose of advancing knowledge of hemp, its benefits including all the products that are created from it.

The evolution of hemp in the US and across the world is sparking attention and sometimes causing the misconception that marijuana is the same as hemp.  On Thursday December 28, hemp became legal in the US which caused excitement and relief in the CBD oil industry along with all other industries where hemp will be a huge demand.

We will continue to bring you the most up-to-date and relevant information that will help you as a knowledge seeker, consumer, advocate and all others who have an interest within this industry.

Hemp is about to revolutionize the world  and we will help answer all your questions, guide your buying decision and advocate to push forward the gift given to farmers, entrepreneurs, health seekers, the sick and all others that will benefit from the many uses that hemp provides.


The What is Hemp Team