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Hemp Massage Oil

Why not treat yourself to a hemp massage? A hemp massage uses hemp oil, CBD oil or products induced with hemp oil and CBD oil in massage therapy treatments. While a regular massage has tremendous benefits to the body and mind, a hemp massage adds even more health benefits to the procedure. A typical massage […] More

Hemp Gloves

Hemp gloves are made from hemp fiber either yarn, bio-plastics or fabric. Hemp fiber is versatile and can be used to make different types of gloves. There are various types of Hemp gloves made by manufacturers and DIY fans namely, work gloves,  fingerless gloves, winter gloves to mention but a few.  Different Purposes of Gloves […] More

Hemp Chewing Gum

Hemp Chewing Gum is not your regular chewing gum though it is designed like other chewing gums in the market. It is medicinal because it is packed with CBD extracts or hemp oil. Hemp chewing gum provides an easier and more convenient way to take daily doses of CBD. It is also a convenient way […] More

Is Hemp good for Dogs?

A decade ago, the idea of hemp for your pet would have been ridiculous. However, in the past few years, we have experienced a tremendous change in the perception of the medicinal use of hemp- for humans and dogs. The legality of cannabis for your companion animal is no longer controversial after legalization. What the […] More

Hemp Bakery

a) The Definition of a Hemp Bakery Indeed you can enjoy your favorite baked foods while still incorporating hemp in your diet. Specialized bakers have infused CBD, hemp oil, hemp flour, and hemp milk into multiple delicious recipes. While some bakeries operate only takeaway hemp bakeries others have an adjacent eatery, juice bar or coffee […] More

Hemp Paper Towels

a) The Definition of Hemp Paper Towels Hemp paper towels are made from hemp pulp. They are a good alternative to regular paper towels made from wood. There are many manufacturers of hemp paper towels. You can find hemp paper towels online or in your local store. Hemp Comparison to Other Eco-Friendly Paper Towel Alternatives […] More

Hemp disposable diapers

a) The Definition of Hemp Disposable Diapers Hemp disposable diapers are made from hemp fiber. Some are 100% hemp or at least 50% of the diaper has hemp fiber. There are various brands of hemp disposable diapers which are available in different sizes. Important Features to Look Out for in a Diaper 1. Non-toxicity to […] More

Hemp Carbonated Drink

a) Definition of a Hemp Carbonated Drink Hemp carbonated drinks or CBD-infused drinks are carbonated drinks that contain the natural extracts of the flowers, leaves, or stalks of industrial hemp. A regular carbonated drink is manufactured with dissolved carbon dioxide which makes it fizzy. The process involves packaging carbon dioxide under pressure. All this happens […] More

Hemp Table Lamp

a) Definition of a Hemp Table Lamp A hemp table lamp is a table lamp or desk lamp made from hemp materials. Some designs incorporate 100% hemp materials while other designs are made with a combination of hemp and other materials. There are various types and designs of hemp table lamps made by different manufacturers. […] More

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  • What is hemp

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    What is Hemp Guide

    Introduction Cannabis is a family of plants with its primary classifications being Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. Cannabis used for its psychoactive qualities is referred to as marijuana while Cannabis grown for industrial use is called hemp. Hemp is of the Cannabis Sativa family while Marijuana is of either the Cannabis Sativa family or the [...]
  • Hemp is eco friendly


    Hemp Energy Guide

    If you have heard about hemp, then you know there’s quite a lot of good that is said about it. From the grain it produces which has been used for human food and even for animal feeds, to the oil that comes from hemp used by chefs in different ways, including as a salad dressing. [...]
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    CBD Oil

    a) Definition of CBD oil CBD oil is so called because it contains cannabidiol (CBD). Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid. The compound was discovered in the year 1940. Cannabis plants have more than 100 cannabinoids in one plant accounting for more than 40% of the plant extract. Although there are over 100 cannabinoids in one cannabis […] More