Hemp Flour

a) Definition of Hemp Flour You produce hemp flour by milling hemp seed cake. Hemp seed cake is the residue after extracting oil from whole raw hemp seeds. The flour is green in color and has a mild nutty flavor. Hemp flour is sometimes referred to as hemp seed flour, hemp bran or hemp fiber […] More

Hemp Butter

a) Definition of Hemp Butter Butter is a delicacy in many nations in the world. It is is great for buttering toasts, a baking ingredient and a cooking substitute to oil. Butter lovers have a choice of buying commercially produced butter or having home-made butter. There are different types of butter, including salted and unsalted […] More

Hemp Bra

a) Definition of a Hemp Bra Hemp bra is a brassiere made using hemp fabric. Hemp fabric is an amazing material with diversity and amazing features. The bras bras are like other fashionable bras, they are creatively made and comfortable to wear so that by buying one you are not compromising on anything. You can […] More

Hemp Bracelets

a) Definition of Hemp Bracelets A hemp bracelet is a wrist accessory made using hemp cords. A hemp bracelet will make a perfect addition to your wardrobe. What’s more, you can, gift friends and family members with hemp bracelets. There are creative ways of making hemp bracelets. You can make them using hemp fibers alone […] More

Hemp Lotion

a) Definition of Hemp Lotion Hemp lotion is a cosmetic made with ingredients from the hemp plant. There are three main types of hemp lotions. First, there is hemp lotion with hemp seed oil as the main ingredient. Then there are hemp lotions with CBD oil infused in them. Lastly, there are hemp lotions that […] More

Hemp Hearts

a) Definition of Hemp Hearts Hemp hearts are sometimes called hemp nuts or shelled hemp. Hemp seed hearts are derived from whole hemp seeds after hulling the seeds. In other words, it is the whole hemp seed without the outer shell. Hemp hearts are packed with nutrients. Hemp seeds contain all the nine essential amino […] More

Hemp Farmer

a) Definition of a Hemp Farmer A hemp farmer is a farmer who engages in the farming of hemp for its stalks, leaves, flowers, fiber or for the seed or a combination thereof. It is a farmer who cultivates hemp as a main or rotational crop. Following the legalization of hemp farming by the passing […] More

Hemp Clothing

a) Definition of Hemp Clothing Hemp cloth is made from hemp fabric which is derived from hemp cellulose fibers. Hemp fabric is then spun to make jeans, dresses, hats, bags, canvas among other items. Sometimes hemp is mixed with lyocell to make clothing. Various methods can be employed to spin fiber from hemp including using […] More

What is Hemp Guide

Introduction Cannabis is a family of plants with its primary classifications being Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. Cannabis used for its psychoactive qualities is referred to as marijuana while Cannabis grown for industrial use is called hemp. Hemp is of the Cannabis Sativa family while Marijuana is of either the Cannabis Sativa family or the [...]

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    For over half a century, which is well over 80 decades, the USA federal law did not differentiate between industrial hemp and other cannabis plants. It is after 1937 when industrial hemp was classified under the Marihuana Tax Act. In essence hemp was banned from production as an ordinary agricultural crop. In 1970 hemp classification […] More

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